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Saudi Arabia accuses Yemeni rebels of rocket attack a hospital

December 11, 2019


The authorities in Saudi Arabia have denounced a rocket attack on a hospital in the south of the country on Wednesday, attributed to Huthi rebels fighting in Yemen against forces loyal to the Government of Abdo Rabbu Mansur Hadi, according to the official news agency SPA.

A spokesman for the Defense Directorate in the Jizán region, Yahya Abdulá al Qahtani, has said that emergency services responded Tuesday to the launch of several projectiles from Yemeni territory. “As a result, the outer wall of the hospital has been damaged,” he said.

The authorities have ruled out personal damages as a result of this incident, which is in addition to other attacks perpetrated by the Huthis against Saudi Arabia, the main leg of a regional coalition that supports the Government of Hadi in Yemen.