The researcher, who identified 1.1 million bitcoins (BTC) that Satoshi Nakamoto mined, said his research makes him believe that Satoshi was altruistic and that he will never spend his coins.

Sergio Demian Lerner, designer of the second layer of the Bitcoin RSK protocol and renowned AMA researcher on RedditHe said it took him three years to discover the privacy deficiencies in the Bitcoin code that led to the discovery of the Patoshi pattern.

Respect Satoshi’s privacy

“Satoshi will never use his coins“Satoshi will never use his coins

Patoshi’s pattern describes a miner who used a slightly different mining algorithm and mined around 1.1 million bitcoins. Most believe it is Satoshi Nakamoto. Lerner said he decided not to dig deeper so as not to disturb the creator:

“I do not want to delve into the matter further and feel that I have contributed enough to Bitcoin’s transparency. Further digging could result in Satoshi’s privacy area being accessed.”

Bitcoin couldn’t be fairer

He believes that based on his research and understanding of Satoshibelieves that Bitcoin’s creator will never spend the coins he mined:

“Assuming that Satoshi is Patoshi, based on the past of Satoshi’s coins, I believe that Satoshi will never use his coins, so I believe that there couldn’t be a fairer and more altruistic way for Bitcoin to be born.”

Meanwhile, Craig Wright remains unafraid of the recent Bitcoin transactions, which appear to have distorted his claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto.