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Satoshi Nakamoto, who bought a lot of bitcoin in grayscale, could have been an employee of Escobar and more

June 12, 2020

“Happiness favors the brave,” proclaims a wise Greco-Roman maxim. However, I think patience is the true favorite of the Eternal Gods. And why was it given to me by philosophy? Well, because one day we have to break that $ 10,000 mark. This cement piñata has to fall. There is no doubt that we tried. Lack of persistence is not the problem. Of course we lack the strength, but even a drop of water can break a stone with the strength of permanence. This tree will fall sooner or later.

Bitcoin, dear torment! What am i doing with you We have no choice but to wait patiently for this struggle to capture 10,000. Now let’s talk about the week’s most read crypto messages.

Here’s an unexpected twist in our film In Search of the Lost Satoshi. We face what the authors normally call the great revelation of Act 2. Exactly. Already more than 40 minutes of film. Our protagonist created Bitcoin and has disappeared. The project was successful and many people claimed to be the child’s father to apply for the lottery prize. Most of these so-called “satoshis” turned out to be clowns. The secret of Satoshi’s true identity grows day by day. The matter has turned into global hysteria. Who’s Satoshi?

Satoshi Nakamoto, who bought a lot of bitcoin in grayscale, could have been an employee of Escobar and moreSatoshi Nakamoto, who bought a lot of bitcoin in grayscale, could have been an employee of Escobar and more

But suddenly, out of nowhere, the great revelation that leaves us all speechless. Nothing is as it seemed. The director distracted us. Everything we believed was wrong. The great and unexpected revelation of Act 2. Satoshi is a narco? As? We are going black. Cut.

The great revelation of Act 2 is not the culmination of our story. The film is not yet finished and the role is missing now. When you mess around with Sherlock Holmes a bit, the first thing to consider is the source of the information. It seems to me that the CEO of Escobar Inc is not a good source. If Dorian Nakamoto’s brother is a deserter and a former target of the Escobars, How can you trust what they say about him? Obviously there is a lot of bad blood there. On the other hand, a certificate is never enough. We need verifiable data. And we don’t have it.

But here I have to add something. Many Bitcoiners have built a cult around Satoshi. Now it’s a myth. A perfect and flawless being. A sacred cow fell from the crypto sky. Many imagine a supernatural being. An old wise man in a small hut on a mountain top with a great server, a nice library and a Zen garden. I mean, a (crypto) Lao Tzu. Bitcoiners will never accept a flesh-and-blood satoshi.

Of course, it is good to analyze an old forecast. When many optimistic forecasts appear in the media, the price usually drops. It is as ironic as it is true. Do you forget the $ 10,000? Now the 12,000? The chicks were counted before hatching and the credit card was used for the celebration What happened? Out of drunkenness we dropped the basket with all the eggs.

We cannot deny that the resistance of 10,000 is an important psychological barrier. And not just because of the roundness of the number. The fact has been confirmed many times. It is not a myth. And if we break it, of course we will have a breakout towards $ 12,000. In other words, it will be our new support and we will define a new ceiling. However, this week we couldn’t break it and the rejection brought us almost 9,000. Ouch.

Here is a small comment on technical indicators. It is important to understand that many of them may be sending the wrong signals. Even if this is confirmed by other indicators. The last test for me is the mood indicator. The level of greed. The level of fear. Greed is eating optimistic predictions, but it is a harbinger of price cuts.

We all know that Jamie Damon has a big mouth. The topic says things. Here we are not facing the classic poker banker who always measures his words. ORk said he didn’t like bitcoin. And the Bitcoin community, who is hypersensitive to criticism as a schoolboy, turned their comments into a Mexican novel. But Jaime is not a bit stupid. They showed him the numbers and gave his people the green light to investigate the Bitcoin problem. It wasn’t the end of the world. The bankers will go where the money is. Point.

Damon even admitted that after criticizing Bitcoin in public, his son told him he had Bitcoin. And Damon himself told this with a big smile on his face and somehow admitted that he has a big mouth. However, the Bitcoiners do not scroll to the end and continue with the novel by Corín Tellado. To be honest, I think it is a mistake to underestimate JPMorgan.. Have you seen JPMorgan’s fintech budget? Do you know how many programmers and engineers JPMorgan has? Well, here’s a hint. You don’t have to envy Google. JPMorgan certainly has offices in Wyoming. It is not a problem for them. If there is money, they will be there.

Not because it is scarce, only an asset increases in value. Of course, the abundance lowers the price of things. But deficiency as such is not everything. Demand is required. I mean buyers. Grayscale investments are worth their weight in gold because they buy Bitcoin rampant.

I remember once listening to a famous Bitcoiner’s podcast (I will not name it) and talking in this podcast for an hour about how terrible it was to have a Fiat. It was the worst plague in the world. Typhoid became small. Within a few days, the news came that this Bitcoiner proudly owns almost half of its Bitcoin heritage. The rest is basically in Fiat. 50%, 40% It’s still a big number when we talk about the worst evil. Warren Buffett doesn’t have that much money. That is now valid. But why promote radicalism that is actually not practiced?

On the other hand, we can say anything we want about Barry Silbert, the man behind Grayscale. But we cannot deny that he places his foot where his mouth is. He’s up to his neck with bitcoin. Certainly his actions arouse respect.