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Samsung may have appointed a new leadership for blockchain

May 30, 2020

Although the company made no official announcement, The South Korean technology conglomerate Samsung Electronics has apparently appointed a new vice president in its AI PM / Blockchain Dev Group.

Woong Ah-yoon, former chief architect of Blockchain Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences at IBM, recently updated his LinkedIn profile with the new role. According to the information available, however, he should have held this position since January 2020.

According to local media Woong will expand and reorganize Samsung’s Blockchain Task Force department, which is currently a temporary organization within the technology titan’s wireless department.

Previous experience with blockchain-based healthcare solutions from IBM

Samsung may have appointed a new leadership for blockchainSamsung may have appointed a new leadership for blockchain

Ah-yoon will be responsible for monitoring blockchain development and business as part of a new vision for Samsung related to blockchain.

Woong’s appointment may be due to his previous experience with the IBM health department. Fn News believes the new vice president could strengthen one of the three main services of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone: Samsung Health.

There are unconfirmed rumors that Woong could also play a pioneering role in strengthening Samsung’s blockchain-based health management service Limbo. Limbo rewards users after completing a daily walking or running mission.

However, when the local media turned to Samsung for official explanations about the new blockchain leadership, they made the following comment:

“We cannot confirm the internal organization and human resources information.”

Tech titan’s latest blockchain moves

Samsung Electronics was Signs that blockchain development should be strengthened and products diversified by improving the crypto-friendly environment within the services.

Cointelegraph reported on March 26 that the technology giant has developed a new independent turnkey security chip that secures cryptocurrency transactions on smartphones and tablets.

In February, Samsung launched its latest line of smartphones, the Galaxy S20, which improved the integrated blockchain security features introduced in 2019.