Samsung has deleted posts mocking Apple for not adding a charger, as the Galaxy S21 is likely to be sold the same way

It is said that the South Korean tech company will not put the charger in the box, at least in the European and Brazilian markets.

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Samsung has deleted posts mocking Apple for not adding a charger, as the Galaxy S21 is likely to be sold the same way
Samsung has deleted posts mocking Apple for not adding a charger, as the Galaxy S21 is likely to be sold the same way

Among all Received review for iPhone 12The best known was the cancellation of power supplies and headphones when they were purchased. On the other hand, Samsung and Apple are close rivals, Without a doubt, every step among them is criticized. Nevertheless When the iPhone 12 went on sale and no one found the accessories in the box, Samsung joked about it. However, everything seems to indicate that the South Korean company will take the same steps as the iPhone 12.

Taking into account the above, The publications about teasing the company in Cupertino appear to have been eliminated as the new Galaxy S21 may not have such accessories, according to some specialized technology platforms.

When The American company unveiled its new smart device, arguing that certain accessories had been left out in an attempt to reduce the environmental impact of its products. That included something as basic as the charger. Hence, the South Korean company took the opportunity to post news that overshadowed its competition.

“Your galaxy gives you what you want. From a charger to the best camera, the best battery, the best performance, the best memory and even a 120 Hz screen on a smartphone, ”said Samsung in one of his posts on his Twitter account for Latin America.

Image: @SamsungLatin via Twitter

Similarly, the Korean company also joked that Apple is late for 5G. In a tweet, Samsung said: “Some say hello! We’ve been friends with speed for a while. Get your Galaxy 5G device now. “

Image: @SamsungMobileUS

That has been thought ever since Samsung would bring a screen of 120Hz, including the charger, but everything seems to indicate that it won’t be.

It should be noted that The tweet is no longer available, as are other related publications by the company. In view of this, it has become strong evidence of his decision to follow the path of Manzana. It’s important to mention that the The European market and Brazil will face this situation. although it is not yet clear that other markets will continue this decision.

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The functions of the Galaxy S21, S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung to plan present the new series on January 14th, This consists of three devices, the first is that Galaxy S21, the second Galaxy S21 +, and the newest but most exclusive Galaxy S21 Ultra.

According to the portal Android Police, All three smart devices have a processor Snapdragon 875 or Exynos 2100 with 5G support, Bluetooth 51.1 and One UI 3.1 software based on Android 11.

Among the characteristics that are confirmed with the Samsung Galaxy S21 +, are The long-awaited flat screen, the symmetrical and extremely thin bezels, the triple rear-view camera with a new design that contributes to better protection of the lenses and the long-lasting battery.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is expected to contain a 108 MP main camera and a periscope camera as well as a conventional telephoto lens and an S-Pen holder for the first time. In addition to a 6.8-inch LTPO screen and a glass cover able to go from 120 to 1 Hertz, an advantage that helps save battery that could have a capacity of 5,000 mAh.

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