Samson Mows Infinite Fleet game brings $ 3.1 million to BnkToTheFuture

Pixelmatic’s Infinite Fleet space adventure game earned over $ 3 million in 24 hours by investors like Adam Back and Charlie Lee.

According to a Pixelmatic statement shared with Cointelegraph, The game, developed by Blockstream CSO and Pixelmatic CEO Samson Mow, raised $ 3.1 million by selling its EXO token on the global online investment platform BnkToTheFuture.

A private financing round led by Charlie Lee, the inventor of Litecoin (LTC), Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, and Max Keizer, moderator of the Keizer report, has exceeded Pixelmatic’s $ 3 million goal after an assignment in BnkToTheFuture expired in 24 hours.

Samson Mows Infinite Fleet game brings $ 3.1 million to BnkToTheFuture
Samson Mows Infinite Fleet game brings $ 3.1 million to BnkToTheFuture

The Infinite Fleet publisher Exordium Limited has introduced the EXO value token “for stock rights and profit sharing” at Liquid Securities, a platform located on the Liquid Network’s Bitcoin (BTC) side chain.

Cointelegraph reported this Infinite Fleet has partnered with the STOKR blockchain market to launch a public token offering (STO)..

Combination of the games sector and cryptocurrencies

The blockchain space strategy game features space stations, asteroid mining, spacecraft fleets and real-time strategy battles. Infinite Fleet uses a PvE game (Collaborative Player versus Environment) and has a targeted narrative. This means that the actions and consequences of players in real time have irreversible effects and are recorded forever in the history and lore of the game.

Infinite Fleet’s in-game currency, INF, is on the blockchain, but doesn’t require a deep understanding of the cryptocurrencies unless they decide to transfer assets from the game.. The company is reported to make the token available for trading on crypto exchanges shortly after the game launches.

“”Infinite Fleet will be the first video game that truly combines gaming assets and crypto assetssaid Mow, who created the game. He continued:

“Infinite Fleet is not only aimed at reviving an MMO genre that has lacked new ideas in recent years, but may become the ‘Trojan Horse’ that enables mass adoption of cryptocurrencies for gamers.”

Pixelmatic plans to release Infinite Fleet in alpha by the end of the year. The full game is scheduled for 2021..

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