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Salvini vetoes the entry into Italian waters of the ‘Mare Jonio’, with a hundred migrants

August 28, 2019


Italy's acting Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has signed an order Wednesday to ban entry into Italian territorial waters of the 'Mare Jonio', a ship of the Italian NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans that sails with a hundred migrants and refugees on board.

Salvini has thus maintained the line set in this last year, during which he has promoted a tightening of sanctions against NGOs that rescue migrants in the Mediterranean. Organizations risk a fine of up to one million euros and the immobilization of the ship if they enter without permission in Italian waters.

This Wednesday, however, could be one of Salvini's latest actions on immigration policy, since the rapprochement between the 5 Star Movement (M5S) and the Democratic Party (PD) moves the League away from power and, by extension, also to its main leader.

As explained by the NGO, the rescue occurred around 8.35 hours after the ship located the vessel in trouble with its radar. “It was overloaded, adrift and a part had already deflated,” he explained. “Luckily, we have arrived in time to rescue them.”

Among the hundred migrants and rescued refugees, the Italian NGO said, there are 26 women, at least eight of them pregnant, and 28 minors, including at least 22 under ten years old.

“All these people are safe on board with us,” he said, although he has indicated that there are “cases of hypothermia and some show obvious signs of mistreatment and torture suffered in Libya.” “Everyone escaped from hell,” he stressed.

The 'Mare Jonio' ​​returned last Thursday to the search and rescue area in the Mediterranean after having been blocked for two months in the Italian port of Licata by order of the authorities after the rescue of 30 people last May.

The new rescue is added to the one made on Monday by the 'Eleonore', the ship of the German NGO Mission Lifeline, of more than a hundred migrants. The Italian authorities have already vetoed their arrival at a port in the country.