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Salvini kidnapping of migrants postponed until October

May 25, 2020

The Sicilian court, which had planned to start the trial of former Italian interior minister Mateo Salvini in July, who is accused of preventing migrants from disembarking a Coast Guard ship, has postponed the hearings to October due to the inferred Court blockade announced the coronavirus pandemic.

A day before the Senate ruled on a possible approval for a similar case against Salvini related to the blockade of the NGO Open Arms ship, Catania judge Nunzio Sarpietro confirmed the postponement of the trial against the prosecutor’s criteria, according to the newspaper “La Repubblica”.

Salvini is accused of hijacking the landing of the 131 migrants rescued by the Gregoretti patrol boat during the days of summer 2019, when he was still the owner of the interior. The incident was one of the most controversial moments in the “closed ports” policy used by the league leader.