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Salvini insists on denying the landing of the Open Arms: “& iquest; Reopening of ports? Not in my name”

August 16, 2019

He affirms that “the only 'inhumanity' is that of those who favor the disgusting business of illegal immigration”


The Interior Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini, has insisted this Friday on his refusal to allow the landing of migrants and refugees still on board the 'Open Arms'. “Reopening of ports? Not in my name!”, Proclaimed the leader of the League on Twitter.

For Salvini, “the only 'inhumanity' is that of those who (…) favor the disgusting business of illegal immigration”, hours after fellow government officials were willing to authorize the docking of the Open Arms for a matter of humanity .

Salvini, who has defended his work at the head of the Ministry of Interior, said he is not willing to authorize the arrival of “thousands” of people or fall into “false allusions to the concept of 'humanity'.” Italy, raises his head “, has sentenced.

Proactiva Open Arms has requested an urgent permit to land migrants and refugees waiting on board, two days after entering Italian waters thanks to a judicial permit criticized by Salvini, who tried in vain to introduce a new ban against the ship.

The authorization now depends on the prefecture of the Sicilian province of Agrigento, which seems to be waiting for the guidelines that can be set by the Ministry of Interior.

The Prosecutor's Office could intervene if it understands that the situation threatens to be complicated or perceives that a crime is committed by not applying the judicial resolution that authorized the entry of Open Arms into Italian waters, according to the newspaper 'La Repubblica'.