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Salvini defends his “firmness” against the “supposed sick and minor” of the ‘Open Arms’

August 20, 2019


Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has once again defended his “firmness line” against the rescue ship 'Open Arms' and his “sick and minor cases” on board.

“The line of firmness is the only way to prevent Italy from becoming Europe's refugee camp again, as demonstrated in these hours with the Spanish NGO's ship of the sick and minor cases,” the leader wrote of the League on his Twitter.

“And I am convinced that this is the opinion of most Italians,” said Salvini, who has been “proud of what has been done so far, sometimes against everything and everyone, to defend the borders and security of my country”.

The 'Open Arms' has been anchored off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa since last Friday after a court in Rome overturned Salvini's decree against rescue NGOs in the Mediterranean.

The Spanish NGO insists that migrants and refugees who remain on board – many of them have had to be evacuated for health reasons in recent days – are landed in Lampedusa.