Saied calls on the judiciary to order “criminal consequences” for the “irregularities” in the elections

Tunisia’s President Kais Saied has called on the judiciary to order “criminal consequences” for the “irregularities” in the 2019 presidential and parliamentary elections.

This is what the Tunisian President expressed this Thursday during his meeting with the President of the Court of Auditors, Najib Gtari, who presented him with a control report on the administrative and financial management of the Independent Superior Electoral Authority for the local elections of 2018 and the elections of the Members of the Supreme Judicial Council.

Saied calls on the judiciary to order “criminal consequences” for the “irregularities” in the elections
Saied calls on the judiciary to order “criminal consequences” for the “irregularities” in the elections

After receiving the report, Saied asked for this body to be “independent” and “listened” to recent “reactions” from members of the same to extraordinary measures such as the suspension of Parliament imposed by the President.

“This body must be independent and not intervene,” he said, then referred to another report on the Court of Auditors’ audit of the last election’s funding.

“Unfortunately, the conclusions of the great work of the high powers of the Court of Auditors have not come to pass. There were several cost overruns in the last parliamentary and presidential elections. However, the judiciary has not yet responded to determine the legal implications. “Of all these excesses,” he complained.

In this regard, he criticized the fact that there are several who “took advantage of foreign money from corrupt people to win parliamentary elections and represent the people”. “The judiciary has to play its historical role until the people regain their rights and Tunisia gets rid of the filth it has been stuck in for decades,” he added, reports the Tunisian agency TAP.

With this in mind, he attacked those who “speak of democracy and corruption when they are corrupt themselves” and appealed to the judiciary to “assume their responsibility at this historic moment” and in relation to the above reports.

On the other hand, Saied received the newly appointed Prime Minister Najla Buden Romdhane this Thursday and celebrated that “the whole world is talking about the first female head of government”. “We are making history together and we will continue to write a new story for Tunisia,” he told the local newspaper “Bussiness News”.

Regarding the new government team, the President has repeated that he will not accept “that nobody interferes in our decisions”. “We will not give in to blackmail or intimidation and those who want to sabotage will face a thick wall that will fall on them,” he warned.

In this context, the Tunisian Islamist party Ennahda has denounced that the appointment of the prime minister was outside the constitutional procedure and was based on a presidential decree worsening the crisis in the country.

He called for the “immediate” resumption of the democratic path and called on Said to put the government of the assembly of representatives to a vote.

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