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Russia tests coronavirus vaccine in military volunteers

June 2, 2020

Russia will test a coronavirus vaccine with volunteer military personnel, as the country’s defense ministry announced on Tuesday. To date, more than 410,000 cases of COVID-19 and nearly 5,000 deaths have been confirmed.

“The Ministry of Defense has completed the selection of clinical trial volunteers with a single locally-developed vaccine against the new COVID-19 infection,” the Russian news agency said. Sputnik.

In particular, 50 military unit volunteers were selected from across Russia, including five women, and all have gone through a series of tests to ensure that they have no disease.

Russia tests coronavirus vaccine in military volunteersRussia tests coronavirus vaccine in military volunteers

The first group of volunteers is predicted to arrive at Defense Department’s Central Institute of Scientific Research No. 48 this Wednesday to undergo a thorough medical review and prepare for the experiment.

In the scientific center, according to the statement “the safety, immunogenicity and effectiveness of genetically modified vaccines against hemorrhagic Ebola fever, respiratory syndrome in the Middle East or MERS and a universal flu vaccine.”