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Russia exceeds 680,000 coronavirus infections

July 5, 2020

The number of coronavirus cases in Russia has exceeded 680,000 in the past few hours after the occurrence of 6,736 new infections, while the total number of deaths after 134 new cases has now exceeded 10,100, as the Russian national center against the coronavirus said on Sunday.

The current total number of infections is 681,251 as soon as these new cases are added, most of which were found in the capital Moscow with 650 infections and in the province of the same name with 287 infections.

With the 134 deaths in the past few hours, the total number of deaths in the country is already 10,161, while the total number of discharges is already 450,750 and more than 3,871 recoveries are done in a single day. This is evident from the balance collected by the official news agency. Russian sputnik.

Russia exceeds 680,000 coronavirus infectionsRussia exceeds 680,000 coronavirus infections

A total of 280,347 people are still under medical observation to confirm whether they are carrying the virus.

Also this Sunday, the Russian authorities announced that, according to the National Consumer Protection Agency (Rospotrebnadzor), more than 21 million tests have already been carried out across the country.