Russia describes US allegations of chemical weapons use in Nawalni case as “unfounded”

The Russian embassy in the US has criticized the US for making “unfounded” allegations about the use of chemical weapons by Russian intelligence agencies in connection with the poisoning of its opponent Alexei Navalni.

Thus the message deplores the fact that the “Navalni case” was from the beginning “in the hands of an aggressive propaganda campaign” by those who defend “the unfounded accusation of poisoning” of the opponent.

Russia describes US allegations of chemical weapons use in Nawalni case as “unfounded”
Russia describes US allegations of chemical weapons use in Nawalni case as “unfounded”

This Tuesday, a total of 45 countries petitioned the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on behalf of Russia to submit statements on the Navalni poisoning, which the Russian authorities have been given ten days to respond.

For its part, the State Department said in a statement that “the United States and many in the international community have long had clarity about the chemical weapon assassination attempt by Russia on Navalni on 20 April with the OPCW.”

Against this background, Russia has defended its commitment to the obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention, announcing that it “disposed of all national arsenals of chemical warfare agents” in 2017, a fact “documented by the OPCW”.

However, it accused the United States of “being the only country that has not disposed of its significant arsenal of chemical weapons” and called on Washington to complete its demilitarization program and “honor international commitments.”

Nawalni, who is imprisoned in Russia, was arrested on January 18 on arrival at Moscow airport for violating the probation requirements, after months of recovering from poisoning in Germany – for which the prominent opponent is directly responsible for the country’s president power. Vladimir Putin – which was followed by a series of demonstrations demanding thousands of prisoners.

The Berlin hospital, to which Navalni was relocated in August 2020, confirmed in its final report that the Russian opponent was poisoned with Novichok, a chemical that was used back in 2018 against former agent Sergei Skripal in the UK and the trail of which leads to Russia Russian authorities have denied any connection with the event.

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