Russia accuses the US of bombing Idlib in full ceasefire

The Russian Ministry of Defense has accused the US this Sunday of bombing the security zone in the Syrian province of Idlib in violation of the last ceasefire declared unilaterally by the forces of the Syrian Government and Russia, allied in the fighting against the groups rebels and jihadists, and that came into effect last Saturday.

“The US has launched an attack on the Idlib distention zone without notifying Russia or Turkey,” said the Ministry in a statement referring to the two countries responsible for ensuring security in the area.

The attack, according to Russia, “has left multiple victims and material damage” and “endangers the continuity of the armistice,” according to the official note collected by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

Russia accuses the US of bombing Idlib in full ceasefire
Russia accuses the US of bombing Idlib in full ceasefire

According to the center for reconciliation in Syria – representation of the Russian military deployment in the Arab Republic – the air raid took place in an area between Maarat Misrin and Kefraya, around 3 pm (2 pm in Spain) on 31 December August, about nine hours after the Syrian Army declared a unilateral ceasefire in the entire “relaxation zone” of Idlib.

According to the center, the US Army has explained that the bombing was directed against an al Qaeda command center “for representing a threat to the security of US citizens.”

“With this act,” the center replied in its statement, “The US has jeopardized the continuity of the armistice in the Idlib distention zone and has damaged it in some areas.”

In addition, Russia has found that “in the towns that were targeted by the US attack there are numerous victims and destruction,” but without giving more details.

For the Russian military, the action is especially disconcerting because Washington usually accuses Moscow and Damascus of “indiscriminate use of aviation” in Idlib.

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