Runner Nico Pino will start a platform for athletes based on blockchain technology

The young Formula 3 racing driver Nico Pino will launch a platform based on blockchain technology to support and promote the careers of athletes through technical and financial support.

According to the NOTICIAS web portal, Despite his young age, the 17-year-old familiarized himself with the startup environment in his home country, Chile. Approach that was later accentuated by participating in F3 in Europe.

The platform is called CryptoSport and was not only created on the blockchain technology, but also To be on the “Smarts Contracts” which, in their translation into Spanish, are smart contracts stored in the blockchain to provide more security, reliability and transparency.

Runner Nico Pino will start a platform for athletes based on blockchain technology
Runner Nico Pino will start a platform for athletes based on blockchain technology

â ???? Athletes inspire, move masses and passions. In Chile we are treated unfairly, many are hacked and also little supported. That is why we created CryptoSport to build and consolidate the future of millions of athletes around the world through an innovative mechanism for digitizing their contractual, physical and digital assets. Today everyone can be a partner and support talents very easily and at the push of a button. We start with football, because my partners are experts all over the world and I am another enrichment from the world of motorsportâ ???? Nico said, according to the news portal.

One of the project’s investors is Daniel Undarraga, who, although initially not thought to be part of the project, after seeing what it was about and what the intentions were, he now takes the place of the angel investor and advisor. The contact with Undurraga initially emerged as a kind of guide on the platform.

Pino explained for NEWS: to????I’ve always been connected to technology and the world of entrepreneurship. Several entrepreneurs have to remember me when I was little for trying to “hack” ???? the apps. I have known crypto since I was 10 years old. Out of interest, I asked my father to open an account for me in a “???? – exchange”. That’s when I understood that the future lies in it. I understood that you don’t need a bank to send money elsewhere and that they will charge you what they charge you with a delay of three days or more. This year I created an account at FTX, from where you can interact with different worlds. Everything that happens there is based on a smart contract. Then the NFTs dedicated to some type of digital asset appeared and so we came to the CryptoSport model to incorporate a new type of asset, not just digital ????

CryptoSport will be officially launched in the first week of November and already has the participation of various athletes from countries such as Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Even with clubs and unions with platforms.

Since 2019, Nico Pino has ventured into the entrepreneurial world with his own company NP78 overseeing his career as a pilot and with crowdfunding in 2020 dedicated to the world of investments and rewards. And now the current year 2021 with CryptoSport, which shares a characteristic with crowdfunding that is the use of the “fall back commitment” model. which enables them to reach out to entrepreneurs called “smart money”.

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