Ruling in Myanmar Favors Jailed Journalists

The massacre occurred in September as the Myanmar military and some Buddhist civilians were attacking Rohingya Muslims, killing and raping thousands and driving about 700,000 Rohingya refugees across the border into Bangladesh. The United States has declared the campaign to be ethnic cleansing.

In his April testimony, Mr. Moe Yan Naing said that a police brigadier general, Tin Ko Ko, had ordered officers to set a trap for Mr. Wa Lone and give him secret documents.

“I am revealing the truth because police of any rank must maintain their own integrity,” Mr. Moe Yan Naing told reporters after the court hearing. “It is true that they were set up.”

Ruling in Myanmar Favors Jailed Journalists
Ruling in Myanmar Favors Jailed Journalists

The captain testified that he had previously served at Inn Din village and that he met with Mr. Wa Lone in November. Mr. Moe Yan Naing also was arrested on Dec. 12.

Family members said they had not been able to visit him in prison since his arrest.

“My husband did nothing wrong,” said his wife, Daw Tu Tu, crying, in an interview. “He just told the truth.”

She urged the country’s top civilian leaders, President Win Myint and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the state counselor, “to help my husband and stand with the truth.” They have not commented on his case.

After the captain’s testimony, prosecutors had urged the judge to declare him a hostile witness and said he told the police a different story.

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