Rubio: FBI’s McCabe should have been allowed to retire

“He should have been allowed to finish through the weekend,” the Florida Republican said. “If that report would’ve indicated wrongdoing or something that was actionable, there are things that could’ve been done after the fact. But, you know, 48 hours to go before retirement, I would’ve certainly done it differently given the fact there’s still this report out there that hasn’t come in.”

McCabe served as the FBI’s acting director after James Comey was fired in May and before Christopher Wray took over the position.

President Donald Trump has lashed out at McCabe on Twitter numerous times over the last several months.

Rubio: FBI’s McCabe should have been allowed to retire
Rubio: FBI’s McCabe should have been allowed to retire

“Obviously he doesn’t like McCabe and he’s…made that pretty clear now for over a year,” Rubio said.

The senator added that he does not like the back and forth between people outside and inside of the intelligence agencies, noting institutions like the FBI and CIA are made up of people working hard every day. “I would hate to demoralize the workforce and more importantly, I would hate to discourage new people from coming into that, so I just don’t like the whole tone,” he added.

Although there are ways to hold the agencies accountable, Rubio said, he cautioned against “smearing everybody in them with a broad stroke.”

The senator is a member of the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence and said it was “potentially” possible that the committee should call McCabe back in for another appearance.

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