Royal profiles give up little-known nuggets

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Newly married Meghan Markle – now the Duchess of Sussex – has been given the ultimate seal of approval that she’s “in” with the in-laws. Her official profile on the Royal Family website is up.

The duchess, alongside her husband, Prince Harry, is one of 21 royals with their own personal introductions, which tell the public all they need to know about them.

Here’s several things we spotted in their profiles.

Making a statement

Royal profiles give up little-known nuggets
Royal profiles give up little-known nuggets

It’s clear from Meghan’s profile she wants to be a different type of royal – highlighting her passions for women’s rights and social change.

Emblazoned in the middle of the biography is this strong quote about feminism:

No other royal talks so openly about themselves; some – including the Duke of Sussex – do not have a quote.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge speak strongly about children and the importance of conservation of the world’s wildlife.


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Image caption The princes have come a long way since their first day at school

While Prince William and Catherine chose to highlight their school achievements prominently, younger sibling the Duke of Sussex seems less keen to do so.

Prince William left Eton College in Berkshire in 2000 with A Levels in Geography, Biology and History of Art, while Catherine achieved qualifications in Chemistry, Biology and Art from her time at Marlborough College in Wiltshire.

Despite both brothers joining the armed forces, Prince Harry’s profile leaves us guessing what he left secondary school with, as it details limited information on the results “that qualified him to fulfil his ambition to join the Army”.

To gap year or not?

Image copyrightRachel Humphrys
Image caption They’d not yet met but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went on the same gap year trip with Raleigh International in Chile just 12 months apart

It’s common for students to take a bit of time out to travel, do some volunteering or grab some extra cash for the years of studying ahead. And who doesn’t want to know what a royal would do with their break?

Prince William chose to take a breather before starting his degree at St Andrew’s University, where he met the duchess.

Before their love story began, the duke’s year included completing “preparation for survival” exercises with the Welsh Guards in Belize, central America and working on a British dairy farm.

Unfortunately, we can only imagine the milking a cow pictures.

Royal firsts

  • The Duke of Edinburgh was the first Royal Family member to ever fly out of Buckingham Palace Gardens in a helicopter
  • Princess Alexandra became the first British princess to go to boarding school when she went to Heathfield School near Ascot in 1947
  • Prince Michael was the first member to learn Russian
  • Born in 1960, the Duke of York became the first child to be born to a reigning monarch for 103 years
  • The Duke of Kent was the first of the family to go to China on an official visit

Horsing around

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The Princess Royal’s biography is dominated by her love and commitment to horses.

In one of the first pictures, the princess is seen with the Queen tacking up Greensleeves the pony at Her Majesty’s Balmoral estate in 1955.

So it’s no surprise Princess Anne’s involvement as an athlete in the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games is mentioned alongside her winning the BBC’s Sports Personality award five years previously.

Commitment to the title

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Image caption On a recent visit to Crete, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall took part in traditional dancing

While it’s traditional for the oldest male child of the reigning monarch to take on the title of Prince of Wales, Prince Charles made a commitment to learn the Welsh language before his investiture in 1969.

He spent a term at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, learning to siarad Cymraeg*.

From marines to the theatre

Prince Edward deserves recognition for having one of the Royal Family’s most interesting career changes.

After three years in the Royal Marines, the earl decided theatre would be his next challenge. He even went on to work for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Theatre Company.

Prince Edward’s theatrical past sits high up on his official profile including his production work for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

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Media captionTwo Berkshire locals are distant cousins of Prince Harry, and many of us might be as well.

Longer than the Queen? Profiles by word count

Which royal has more to say than the Queen?

The word counts of the well-known


The Queen


Prince Philip

  • 1,246 Prince Harry

  • 1,174 Prince Charles

  • 877 Prince William

  • 783 Catherine

The Royal Family

Duke of Kent 1,248 words

Duke of Sussex (Prince Harry) 1,246 words

Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) 1,174 words

Countess of Wessex (Sophie) 915 words

Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) 877 words

Duchess of Cambridge (Catherine) 783 words

Earl of Wessex (Prince Edward) 731 words

Duke of York (Prince Andrew) 691 words

Princess Alexandra 644 words

Duchess of Gloucester 612 words

Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) 607 words

Princess Charlotte 605 words

Prince George 580 words

The Duchess of Sussex (Meghan) 532 words

Princess Royal (Princess Anne) 444 words

The Queen 438 words

Duke of Gloucester 373 words

Duchess of Kent 352 words

Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla) 305 words

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent 216 words

Prince Louis 125 words

Figures based on About sections only

*Speak Welsh

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