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Roger Ver wants to buy

May 27, 2020

In August 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto, a person who is believed to be the creator of Bitcoin, bought through an anonymous domain registrar.

When Satoshi left the community, he entrusted control of the property to a number of impartial people.. Since that time, has largely acted as an educational resource, helping newbies in space to learn more about blockchain technology.

After Theymos left the website and the message that her current administrator Cobra, wanted to separate from the website, the future of seems unclear.

Cobra takes command of

Roger Ver wants to buy Bitcoin.orgRoger Ver wants to buy’s anonymous curator, Cobra, was announced six and a half years ago by site administrator Theymos, another anonymous person who caused controversy by the R / Bitcoin administration in space, as co-owner of the website Bitcoin-Wiki- Site and the BitcoinTalk messaging platform.

A number of Cobra decisions have been made since taking over management of the website, including pushing changes to the Bitcoin or PoW proof-of-work algorithm and trying to change the Bitcoin white paper. You have classified him as a controversial character.

Cobra has attracted more criticism for the Bitcoin fork with which Bitcoin Cash was founded in 2017, and eventually developed from a strong opponent to an apparently dedicated advocate of the chain sometime in 2018.

Cobra attracts controversy

Early May, Cobra announced that it would gradually reduce the website’s share in 2020.

Cobra wanted to assure the community that “the domain name remains in reliable hands”. He added that he already had “some people in mind”.

The administrator added that he was also open to recommendations and said that he would “be thorough, meticulous and find the right people”.

Roger Ver may consider buying

While Cobra didn’t name any potential buyers for the domain, A thread on Reddit suggests that the owner of and another Bitcoin Cash (BCH) lawyer, Roger Ver, are interested in buying

When analyzing potential new owners for the website, a redditor asked Cobra if he would sell the coveted domain to see if he made a good offer.

Roger replied to the comment under his name MemoryDealers by saying:

“I have cash on hand.”

During the turn that led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash, Roger Ver faced a number of complaints. Some accused him of using his ownership of the domain name to create uncertainty about which chain contained “real” Bitcoin, which allegedly caused newcomers to accidentally buy Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin Core.

See does not expect to purchase

Cointelegraph turned to Ver to determine the seriousness of his offer for Reddit.

Ver said that although he “would like to buy it”, he doesn’t expect Cobra to sell it to him. He also stated that outside of the Reddit comment, he had made no effort to negotiate the sale of the website.

When asked what he would do with if he owned it, Ver said he was “using it to promote peer electronic money systems,” but added that he hadn’t thought much about it since he didn’t expect to take ownership of the domain.

When asked who would be best placed to manage if not himself, Ver said:

“Perhaps an organization similar to the Bitcoin Foundation, which is made up of companies based on cryptocurrencies [Electronic Frontier Foundation] EFF couldn’t be bad either. Anyone who supports the free expression of ideas would be better than the current group. “

All bidders must be rejected

In a discussion on the future of on Bitcointalk, Crypto-OG Gregory Maxwell wrote: “Anyone who tries to buy [el dominio] under no circumstances should he have it, “added:

“The purchase would create the need to recoup the investment, which is contrary to the public interest.”