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Rodrigo Gómez launched Legalario, a platform that allows contracts to be drawn up and digitally signed with the required legality

April 28, 2020

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Rodrigo Gómez launched Legalario, a platform that allows contracts to be drawn up and digitally signed with the required legalityRodrigo Gómez launched Legalario, a platform that allows contracts to be drawn up and digitally signed with the required legality

One of Rodrigo Gómez’s best friends is a lawyer. In a lecture, templates from professional lawyers were presented on a US website with online legal contracts. So Rodrigo said, “I’m going to do this in Mexico!

Legalario was born in 2016, a web platform for creating personalized contracts and legal documents. It also advises certified lawyers.

Contracts or documents can be signed electronically with full legal validity and in accordance with the Commercial Code. By artificial intelligence, biometrics, face recognition (including iris) and voice fingerprints verify the identity and authentication of the signers.

Legalario initially had 5,000 users for the campaigns they ran on social networks. Today, this startup’s monthly data traffic is 200,000 people who need a contract or legal advice at reasonable prices. The three most frequently requested documents include: the service contract, the individual employment contract and the purchase / sale contract for vehicles.

The founder of LegalRodrigo Gómez shares in an interview for s in Spanishwho struggled for three years to survive and also be practically bankrupt. Remember that you closed your business almost twice due to a lack of budgets.

In order to revive his business, he developed a solution that offers three modalities for signing: E-signature (FIEL SAT), digital handwriting and keyboard.

“Electronic signatures will finally increase in Mexico after the coronavirus health crisis,” he says.

And is that a result of the distance through the Covid-19Legalario had its most interesting moment because even though the CEOs were listening to Rodrigo about online contracts and the electronic signature. Before the pandemic, they told him that it was in his plans to include the electronic signature, but they preferred to wait until it was more common. Now the corona virus situation has forced companies of all sizes to digitize their processes. “For many industries, it is becoming a major problem not being able to collect signatures, which can stop companies from operating,” explains the entrepreneur.

The main challenge and its growth from Covid-19

Currently is accelerated by MassChallenge and belongs to an industry called Legal tech that it is very new to Mexico and that it is trying to democratize legal services through technology.

“The biggest challenge is to be in a sector that is still in its infancy. The legal culture in the country is very bad. People and businesses are still afraid of electronic signatures because it is not very common. “

However, the global corona virus crisis was a turning point for the legal tech sector in the Mexican market, he says. “The companies somewhat forced by Covid-19 had to take over the digital signature, the one-time implementation of which will be very difficult to get back into operation as in the past.”

Image: Courtesy of Legalario

The restriction to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 surprised Rodrigo Gómez, the founder of Legalario, because his email and cell phone kept ringing and asking him how his service worked. Well, people and businesses are asked to electronically sign contracts of all kinds with the legality they need.

“Now I’ve worked the most because I have one meeting after another for video calls. I have made presentations for various companies of all types and sizes, especially large ones. We have already seen many and others are new. ”

Rodrigo started this business at the age of 41 when he married and had his first daughter. He believes that the younger the entrepreneurs are, the less they have to lose. and because of that they fan out more. But the older you are, the more experience you have and the projects can work better. “In any case, entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride (very canyon) because sometimes you see everything positive and sometimes everything negative.”

The key to success and the business model

In 2019, Play Business crowfunding invested three million pesos in Legalario, a company that gives everyone access because some of the contracts are free.

There are two business models. One is the online sale of professional contracts between 50, 100, 200 and up to 400 pesos. They also offer legal advice for 400 pesos per half hour, either by phone call or video call. If you have a specific question, you can send it to a certified attorney who will answer you for free in less than 24 hours.

The second business model (the most important) is a license subscription for the use of software for small, medium and large companies. To date, they have 200 customers.

“You pay us a monthly payment of 500, 2,000 or 4,000 pesos plus VAT. The volume of documents that they generate and sign depends on. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) includes various modules such as electronic signature with facial recognition, deep learning and other technology tools. “

These are the two most important success lessons from Rodrigo Gómez, CEO of Legalario, who has two dreams as an entrepreneur: to achieve a solid company and to extend it to Latin America.

1. Confirm that your idea has a market

Make sure that people really need your product or service and that they will use it.

2. If necessary, change the direction of your company without fear

Don’t stick to your idea and think that it has to be successful. You have to give it a trial period; And if it doesn’t work, turn your business direction without fear but on time.

Top 10 documents most wanted

  1. service contract
  2. Individual employment contract
  3. Purchase and sales contract for vehicles
  4. Uber / Cabify driver contract
  5. Voluntary letter of resignation
  6. Power letter
  7. Rental of business premises
  8. agreement
  9. Data protection
  10. Confidentiality agreement

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