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Robotics for all ages

June 25, 2020

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Robotics for all agesRobotics for all ages

My Robot Time México is a company that changes education at all levels from preschool to university. This is done by training in robotics, a subject in which people develop cognitive, spatial, mathematical skills and basic concepts in electronics and programming. The company has been teaching courses and selling kits since 2016.

This is a very classy business that could help all Mexican children develop their creativity and various aspects of their personal lives themselves. Teamwork is becoming more and more important in life, which is why My Robot Time promotes the development of this important skill when children and young people come together to carry out their avant-garde projects.

The two founders Blanca Hernández Sampieri and Andrés Ruiz Marín have been active in this market for more than 25 years, both in the field of education and in computer consulting. Various challenges have been updated and addressed over time. They started rigorous research on robotics in 2010, but the lack of availability of different materials in Mexico made it impossible to access products with which to experiment.

They firmly believed that children could use this material to develop their cognitive skills and abilities, which would help them improve their reasoning and learning skills in the field of robotics and have a positive impact on the education sector.

Andrés Ruiz, Blanca Hernández and Alexis Ruiz Hernández. Photo: Courtesy

In 2016, they founded the Korean brand My Robot Time, a brand with products that are completely suitable for children and are resistant and safe. A trip that took her to China (where it is made) to spread throughout the Mexican Republic.

Once with the robotics material, they visited several exhibitions in which the quality of the products and their price-performance ratio stood out. People were very interested in the product and from there the opportunity arose to expand the market and create franchises for the entire country.

With the pieces from My Robot Time you can reach Mexican children and young people who are interested in robotics, electronics and programming. They are suitable for children from the age of four. These are robotics kits that have never been on the market before and that contain many buildable parts, including sensors, motors, programming cards and actuators.

Opportunities for everyone

My Robot Time México has different aspects in its business model. You have the option to sell the material and receive a commission for the sale of the kit. Another line of business are established centers where courses are held where children buy and work on their equipment. They also have a microfranchise model starting at 100,000 pesos and the franchise by territory, which equates to an investment of 450,000 pesos.

There is also an incline for schools that have the opportunity to give workshops. The profits in this model come from selling kits and teaching classes.

The business has adapted very well to the circumstances of COVID-19. Given the pandemic, they videoconferenced online courses, which was a good option. There are also summer courses and you can learn through workshops during the school year.

Andrés says: “One of the big advantages we have over the competition is that there is no material in Mexico. The fact that we have it makes us very competitive because it gives us the opportunity for the student to buy his own kit. It is of excellent quality and affordable. “

Children who work as a team can share their kits and undertake a larger project that allows them to compete healthily in both national and international tournaments, Blanca explains.

Robotics kits for young children have several parts with simple mechanisms, but as they progress, they have the ability to put together more complex and moving projects. The level of difficulty increases with the age of the child and there are even kits that require a programming language.

The parts are made of ABS plastic, a resistant non-toxic material with injected paint. There are options for all budgets. The most expensive kits cost 3,500 pesos. They are safe and ideal for the hands of children, who can get the best out of each team at their own pace, the entrepreneurs emphasize.

The ideal franchisee

My Robot Time México has been a franchise since 2016 and offers new entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a business from a brand that has the know-how, which can increase their chances of success based on your experience. The brand provides territories and rights to distribute the brand.

Andrés says that an ideal franchisee is people who are involved in education. Remember that he had a successful experience with a Guanajuato customer who had a university and decided to introduce robotics for all levels, from preschool to university, and it was excellent for them; he later had an interest in acquiring a franchise. However, everyone with sales skills has a very good business opportunity.

My Robot Time has manuals in which the entrepreneur is guided step by step so that he can enter the business with knowledge and train him to be successful.

Photo: Courtesy of My Robot Time

The franchise fee is 200,000 pesos plus VAT. In addition, the cost of adapting the premises must be taken into account.

Andrés mentions that “the entire material is compatible; The preschool will serve you for elementary school, middle school, high school and even for the university. The family man is making a long-term investment because everything will be used in the years that follow. “

Today there are several products that aim to provide an introduction to robotics and current technologies as we live in a technological world with a huge boom in artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The market will continue to grow. According to the We are social Digital 2020 report, more than 4.5 billion people currently use the Internet every day. By allowing generations to interact with similar technologies, they can better adapt to the world we live in and will live in one day.

data sheet

  • Turn: Education and technology
  • Origin of the franchise: South Korea.
  • Year of establishment of the business opportunity: 2016.
  • Units: two
  • Circular franchise offer: Yes
  • Available areas: The entire Mexican Republic
  • First investment: 450,000 pesos plus VAT
  • Franchise fee: 200,000 pesos plus VAT
  • License fees: 5% of sales
  • Advertising background: 3% of sales
  • Investment return: 6-8 months
  • It belongs to the AMF: Yes