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Robert Kiyosaki says “Today he loves Bitcoin” when he talks about deciding to invest in cryptocurrencies

June 5, 2020

Writer Robert Kiyosaki explained Whoever “loves Bitcoin today” lists on Twitter and cryptocurrency as their top investment today. The author is responsible for the bestselling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and defends the view that it is necessary to “invest in what you love”.

The famous author published on Bitcoin on social networks this Thursday (4). Adapting the saying “Do what you want” to things related to investments.

Kiyosaki not only talked about cryptocurrency, but also mentioned that he had a penchant for investing in gold and real estate. However, Bitcoin would be the “current passion” of the famous who sold millions of copies of the book “Rich Father, Poor Father”.

Robert Kiyosaki advocates an investment in Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki says “Today he loves Bitcoin” when he talks about deciding to invest in cryptocurrenciesRobert Kiyosaki says “Today he loves Bitcoin” when he talks about deciding to invest in cryptocurrencies

Robert talks about “love Bitcoin” on Twitter and says that cryptocurrency like real estate and gold is now his main investment in the market.

Known for writing one of the most famous books in the personal finance market, Kiyosaki has changed a popular saying to express what it feels like to invest in cryptocurrency.

The Padre Rico, Padre Pobre book was created twenty years ago and is considered one of the first copies of personal finance to hit the market.

Robert Kiyosaki talks about the book that started his career transforming his investments in buying and selling real estate long before the cryptocurrency market was created.

However, This new market seems to have conquered the famous writer, who is now openly known as a declared Bitcoin investor.

“People say do what you want. It’s also important to invest in what you love. I’ve loved real estate since I was 9, gold and silver since I was 25, today I love Bitcoin.”

The author does not invest in stocks

Father Pobre, the author of Padre Rico, talks about his preference for Bitcoin investments and quotes that he does not invest in the stock market. The futures and bond markets are also no investment options for Robert Kiyosaki.

The author of the bestseller affirms the importance of the investor’s affinity for the market he chooses. For the celebrated writer, you have to “love” the type of investment you make.

“I don’t like stocks, bonds, mutual funds or ETFs. If you love them, invest in them.”

As the Cointelegraph reported, Robert Kiyosaki recently advised Bitcoin investments on social media. The author spoke of the current economic instability in praising cryptocurrency investments.

In the post, Robert also mentions the Fed’s pressure on dollars in the United States when he says he invests in Bitcoin. In addition to the cryptocurrency, he talks about buying gold and silver in the face of global economic uncertainty.