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Riots in Egypt on the second consecutive day of demonstrations against Al Sisi

September 22, 2019


This Saturday there have been serious clashes between Egyptian security forces and protesters concentrated in the city of Suez for the second consecutive day to protest against President Abdelfatá al Sisi.

Agents have used tear gas and real ammunition against the hundreds of participants in the protest, a symptom of popular unrest that is not very common in Egypt since Al Sisi came to power after a coup against the democratically elected Islamist president Mohamed Mursi , reports the British newspaper 'The Guardian'.

Riots in Egypt on the second consecutive day of demonstrations against Al Sisi
Riots in Egypt on the second consecutive day of demonstrations against Al Sisi

“Wow! Chants tonight in Suez: 'there is only one God and Al Sisi is the enemy of God',” political analyst Amr Jalifa has posted on Twitter.

Meanwhile, in the emblematic Tahrir Square in Cairo, the epicenter of the protests that in 2011 led to the fall of President Hosni Mubarak's regime after decades in power, the police have deployed an important security device to avoid protests such as Friday's.

On Friday hundreds of Egyptians demonstrated in the streets of Cairo chanting slogans such as “Al Sisi, go away” and asking for the “fall of the regime”, returning to the emblematic slogan of the Arab Spring: “The people want the regime to fall.” During the police action there were numerous arrests.

The discontent over the rise in commodity prices and the cuts imposed on a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) could be the cause of this new outbreak of popular mobilizations. Nearly one in three Egyptians live below the poverty line, with less than $ 1.40 a day, according to official data published in July.

The protests would be called through social networks by Mohamed Ali, an Egyptian contractor fled to Spain who has reported waste, corruption and non-payment by the authorities for works carried out by his company. Ali has published a video calling a “march of one million men” for next Friday in the main squares of all cities in the country.

“This is a popular revolution … We have to unite as one … and organize to go to the main squares,” he said in his message, published on Facebook.

Before the accusations, Al Sisi himself had to leave the past a week ago to deny them and ensure that he is “honest and pious.” This has not prevented protesters from taking to the streets of Cairo on Friday, taking advantage of the local derby between the Al Ahli and Zamalek teams and the images and videos of the protests in the capital and in cities such as Alexandria, Al Mahalla, Damietta, Mansura and Suez immediately spread through social networks.

The Government, which has imprisoned numerous dissidents after outlawing the Muslim Brotherhood, the Mursi party, issued a note on Saturday night addressed to the accredited media in the country warning journalists that “they should not exaggerate” in their information Not to mention the protests openly.