Richard Branson’s 8 Keys to Happiness and Success

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In almost every way applied to Richard Branson is on top Life success. The billionaire opened his first store as a teenager, but had opened a mail order business by the age of 20 and ran a chain store by the age of 22. Since then, Branson has created a large number of companies and conglomerates including Virgo records, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Express, Virgin Mobile, Virgil Hotels, Virgin Cruises and Virgin Galactic.

Richard Branson’s 8 Keys to Happiness and Success
Richard Branson’s 8 Keys to Happiness and Success

But it’s not just his ability to achieve business success that sets him apart. Branson always seems to be in “happy” mode. When he’s not engaging in outdoor sports or extreme hobbies, he is spending time with family and friends who he seems to really love.

According to Branson, creating such a life is pretty easy: love others, be thankful for all you have, be kind and mindful. Oh, and “never say no; keep going until you succeed.”

So let the master of success and happiness advise you. Use these eight keys from Branson and build your own amazing life.

1. Don’t measure your success by the amount of money you make

Too often people measure their success by how much money they make, but Branson assures us that if we have fun and focus on making the world a better place, the money will follow.

In an article on his LinkedIn page, Branson wrote, “It’s a common misconception that money is the success metric of every entrepreneur. It isn’t and shouldn’t be. I’ve never started a business to make money.” “

No matter what you’ve accomplished in life, you should always feel like there is more to be done. Success is a moving goal – it’s about continuing to grow but also appreciating what you have in the moment.

2. Disconnect and focus on personal conversations

Like most of us, Branson loves technology, but he also sees its limits, especially when it lies between him and those who are important to him. Nothing can replace a face-to-face conversation or a life in the moment and that requires you to be willing to put your devices aside.

Branson tries to focus his attention on whoever is standing next to him. He works to actively listen and take notes during meetings, and always tries to put down his cell phone and keep his attention on his family while eating. It also encourages others to put their technology aside when they’re in a social setting … at least for a while.

“We can all be present in our own lives. I firmly believe that being in the moment is the key to happiness and success, and being glued to your phone all the time can have a tremendous impact on your relationships, “writes Branson.

3. Have fun with everything you do

If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. You need to find ways to enjoy and appreciate your life in everything you do, says Branson. In other words, instead of working to live, live to work because your work is fun and fun.

“Fun is one of the most important and least valued ingredients in running a business,” Branson writes in the book. The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership.

Branson has said that when he stops liking a project he knows it’s time to move on. “If you’re not having fun, it’s probably time to try something different,” he says. So don’t waste time doing things that you hate or fear as it will only take the joy and happiness out of your life.

4. Find a hobby that allows you to leave your home

An important key to happiness, says Branson, is finding hobbies that encourage you to spend more time outdoors. Being outside can help you deal with stress and anxiety and help recharge your batteries. “It’s a great way to improve your mood and feel more in control.”

Hiking, biking and windsurfing are some of the ways Branson re-energizes by connecting with nature. But it can also be as simple as walking your dog, or even taking a walk with a view of the night sky.

As Branson recently wrote on his Facebook page, “Go out and have a look around. You never know what the stars might inspire. “

5. Dream big

Branson tweeted once: “Dream big and you will get the opportunity to lead the world in an incredible adventure.” Branson’s success began with a daring dream that seemed out of reach. He was in his early twenties when he founded Virgin Records and eventually transformed the music industry.

Everyone told him his idea wasn’t going to work, but he wasn’t listening. There was no guarantee that he would succeed, but his belief in his dream fueled his motivation to move on.

Our dreams make us who we are. If you never have the courage to try, you will never know what you are capable of.

6. Learn on the go

Life should be a great learning experience. We must always try to expand our minds and expand our wisdom and knowledge. Branson never went to college, actually dropped out of high school before he finished, but never stopped studying. Think of life as one long college course, trying to learn at least one new thing every day.

Branson has started a variety of companies over the decades, often in unfamiliar fields. The key is that when you immerse yourself in a new industry, says the millionaire, you have to learn quickly, but you also have to be motivated to do so.

According to Branson, there is a great opportunity that you should take advantage of, even if it isn’t in an area you are familiar with. Focus on learning and take the opportunity to make new connections. Express yourself to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

“You need to realize that what you don’t know doesn’t matter because you can always learn later. Take advantage of the opportunities and don’t doubt yourself,” writes Branson on his blog.

7. Be fearless when you try new things

Branson was never afraid to say yes to new concepts, ideas, and activities. This is a big reason the Virgin Group is now an empire of more than 200 different companies. Branson wasn’t limited to just one area – it branches out and is open to new things.

He encourages everyone to get out of their comfort zone. This is the only way you can really see how far you can go.

“I can honestly say that nothing good has ever happened in the safety of my comfort zone in my life. It’s all those moments when you feel challenged, when you think, “Oh shit, maybe it wasn’t a good idea,” and then you think if you don’t give up, you can get through that phase of doubt and achieve this what you set out to do. I promise you, good things happen here, “writes Branson.

8. Make happiness a habit

Take the time to find a little happiness each day. every moment when you can. Happiness is not the result of success, but what comes from within can contribute to success, according to Branson.

“I know that I am fortunate enough to have an extraordinary life and that most people will assume that the success of my business (and the wealth that comes with it) brought me happiness.” But it is not like that; in fact it is the opposite. I am successful and rich because I am happy, “writes Branson on his blog.

Branson encourages us to stop striving for happiness as if it were a distant and difficult goal. Happiness is right in front of you; You just have to recognize it and grab it.

“Stop and breathe. Take care of your health. Spend time with your friends and family. Make yourself present to others and let them be there for you. Be courageous, even if it only takes a minute,” says he.

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