Revolut expands cryptocurrency trading to 49 U.S. states

The large British financial technology company (Fintech) Revolut is expanding its cryptocurrency trading services in the United States.

From July 15th Users across the country, with the except Tennessee, You can trade cryptocurrencies when using Revolut.

The original plan was Introduce this service in April. The offer of Cryptocurrencies are provided in collaboration with Paxos.

Revolut expands cryptocurrency trading to 49 U.S. states
Revolut expands cryptocurrency trading to 49 U.S. states

service Revolut became available for Neobank’s European customers for a few years. Edward Cooper, Head of cryptocurrency at RevolutCointelgraph said that Cryptocurrencies have been a strong driver of the company’s user acquisition in Europe, and he expects the United States to do the same. Indeed, Revolut has around 60,000 Users in the country.

Cooper believes that transparent commissions and the fact that users are only allowed to trade within Revolut (they cannot send or receive cryptocurrencies from third party wallets) will give you an advantage via account holders on platforms like Coinbase, Kraken and others.

He said: “I would say that our unique suggestion is that with Revolut, it’s not just the cryptocurrency service that we have that is very, very easy to use. […] You can buy fiat currency directly at the push of a button. […] Since our specialty is fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, you can actually make many crossings that you cannot do anywhere in the world. “

Initially, Cryptocurrencies offered for trading are limited to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). but Revolut hopes to add more coins in the not too distant future taking into account the demand of its users.

Quarantine “turbo-charged” interest in cryptocurrencies

Cooper shared the results of a recent internal report analyzing the behavior of Revolut users in the Lombardy region of Italy during quarantine related to corona viruses.. He noticed that The cryptocurrency activity performed by these users has tripled. Specification: “It’s kind of a turbo-charged interest in cryptocurrencies.”

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