Review: VeChain 2020 Community Video Contest

Earlier this week, the VeChain Foundation announced the winners of their second VeChain community video competition.

The competition celebrated the second anniversary of the launch of the VeChainThor main network and attracted high-profile competitors with a total of 3 million vocational training courses ($ 54,000) to share prizes.

Cointelegraph decided to take a critical look at the ten finalists and later winners.

A community of professional filmmakers?

Review: VeChain 2020 Community Video Contest
Review: VeChain 2020 Community Video Contest

The first thing that catches your attention it is the general level of quality.

I mean, sure they are The top ten hand-picked finalists, and maybe the judges had to go through a lot of things to get here. But in these ten videos It seems that almost everyone in the VeChain community works for a professional animation or film company.

The breadth of ideas in the competition is also impressive. From super clever animations to artistic drone shots, delayed conference material, interviews and even a VeChain version of the game show Jeopardy!

The latter is One of the few finalists who actually looks like he was created outside of a professional studio. It’s a cool concept, although in the end the implementation only provided some pretty random data about VeChain.

Spread the word of the Lord

The goal of the competition was natural Spread the word about VeChain, and this has been addressed in several ways.

We had explanations though perhaps a little dry, from the main concepts and tones of the conversation, to present this discovery to a friend. Some videos focused in the efficiency of the supply chain, others in eliminating the risks of counterfeiting.

We had the VeChain advantages from the perspective of s, together with consumers. A film exaggerated the exaggeration and described VeChain as the creation of the world’s first “truth machine”.

But still The transmitted message was different between the participants. once again, Almost all of the voices sounded as if they had been recorded by professional artists under suitable studio conditions.

It seems that the top prize 1 million vocational training motivated the participants to reach their full potential.

Back to the future … of technology

Maybe strange Some of the videos have an obvious 80s influence. including entry Ionia Media, who first made me aware of the competition and managed to secure one of the places for the silver prices, win 200,000 VET.

But some of the videos came to mind Retro video games, the original Hitchhikers Guide for the Galaxy television series Deloreans and Kelly Brock’s classic film Mad Science from the 1980s.

The videos had to be less than 10 minutes long and were between less than two minutes and only one second below the limit. I personally felt that some of the longest videos They spread the news too far and the sweet spot was three to six minutes.

The winner was selected by a VeVote from the ten finalists of the community. “Does your company use VeChain 101 blockchain”, It was a short but cute animation (and very smart) three and a half minutes of animation It contained a strong message for business owners how integrating VeChain could improve their businesses.

A deserved winner in a very tight competition, Everyone is worth a visit.

When I first heard about the competition I thought it would be fun to attend the next one. But after seeing the competition, maybe it’s better if I just write about it?

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