Review of ICO Envion


Envion is an innovative start-up in the field of block systems that offers intelligent, patented, scalable solutions that function without electricity and maximize the use of renewable and conventional power in the world.

Expanding the value chain of electricity producers, Envion has created an intelligent global network of cryptographic mining modules with satellite communications that convert energy into cryptographic assets right at the source.

Review of ICO Envion
Review of ICO Envion

MMU installations are based on standard intermodal (sea) containers equipped with intelligent equipment. They can connect electricity directly at the source: hydro, solar, wind and fossil power plants.


The collapse in prices for solar panels has led to a sharp increase in the number of photovoltaic power plants around the world. As a result, unprecedented surplus capacity is generated on the locallevel on sunny days.


Automatic configuration

  • Envion designed a ready-made modular solution that automatically starts up and guarantees autonomous power for mining.


  • The concept of mobility provides extraordinary simplicity of transportation and deployment around the world, making our decision insensitive to localpolitical constraints.

Full Scalability

  • Mobile efficient inexpensive equipment and optimized proprietary control devices guarantee excellent scalability.

Growth opportunities

Mining modules are scaled independently, thanks to efficient affordable inexpensive equipment. The concept of decentralization provides an unprecedented opportunity to use small and medium sized power plants.

Only Envion carries out mining around the world, without experiencing such problems as energyprice jumps, lack of equipment, government restrictions or stationary placement.

Envion has access to the world’s cheapest energysources, as well as to the smallest transformer substations and inverter generators.

Road map


Extreme mobility

  • Envion created a highly mobilemining solution, housed in standard containers that comply with the provisions of the Safe Containers Convention (CSC). Ready to deploy with automatic configuration for any powersource

Remote maintenance

Patented cooling

  • Efficiency is 40 times higher than in conventional data centers: unprecedented energy efficiency is achieved through the use of a patented cooling system.

Access to cheap energy

  • Reducing the price of solar panels has led to a drop in electricity prices at photovoltaic plants around the world. Mining modules can monetize almost freelocal surplus power.

Unprecedented return on investment

  • Thanks to the strategy of fixed reinvestment, investors receive an exponential growth in revenues.

Creating a win-win scenario for three parties

  1. Decentralization of the detachment.
  2. Realization of potential revenues through power supply from power plants around the world.
  3. Direct participation of investors and token holders in this successful enterprise.

A new level of mining operations

  • Exclusivity of patent rights: The highest mobility, versatility and scalability are the most important competitive advantages in mining operations: Access to energy at the lowest prices around the world.


The EVN token is based on the ERC-20 standard.

Owners of EVN have the right:

  1. To receive 100% of the earnings of the company’s own mining operation in two stages:
  1. To receive 35% of Envion’s profit with a third party operations
  2. Voting rights and veto power in important decisions of the company’s strategy

ICO start date 1 December 2017, 12:00 GMT

The end date of the ICO is December 31, 2017, 12:00 GMT

The maximum is 150 million EVN.

The cost of the token is 1 USD

Accepted form of payment BTC, ETH, credit cards


  • 01.12 – 02.12 – $ 0.70
  • 03.12 – 07.12 – $ 0.80
  • 08.12 – 15.12 – $ 0.90
  • 16.12 – 31.12 – $ 1.00

Restrictions apply to Swiss and American investors.

Profit on invested capital: 161% per year


The headquarters of Envion is located in Switzerland, and the main office in Berlin.

and others.

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