Review of Discovery Science’s open source money program

The concept of Vision Tree’s “Open Source Money” series has always been fascinating. It is a documentary reality television show that Follow the trials and difficulties of Dragonchain (DRGN) incubated by Disney while trying to find a way through the dangerous waters of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

As the Premiere at 10 a.m. Eastern Time on July 4th via Discovery Science, Cointelegraph has managed to get a little insight into the first two episodes. So … what is it about?

Dragonchain vs. the S

Fortunately, remove the obvious concerns first The program doesn’t feel like an instrument of public relations and vanity for Dragonchain.

Review of Discovery Science’s open source money program
Review of Discovery Science’s open source money program

It is of course quite an achievement for the company to be the subject of a television documentary, however Spectators are not bombarded with propaganda Pro-Dragonchain on every occasion. Instead, the Dragonchain story picks up on the first $ 13.1 million coin offering (ICO) in November 2017, when the SEC began to take a more serious look at the sector.

Although we often read that fines are paid or money is returned as a result of SEC investigations by the ICO, Open source money deals with the effects on people.

We can see that Dragonchain CEO and founder Joe Roetswho is unable to concentrate on developing and improving the platform due to constant stress and distraction. In the second episode he ventedcomplaining:

“Our ancestors made sacrifices to create a nation based on freedom and democracy. Now our government is attacking its own citizens to develop technologies based on the purest expression of these values.”

Accessible to crypto addicts and those who don’t know much

Open Source Money is not just for those who already have a good understanding of cryptocurrency and the blockchain space.

The segments of Dragonchain is in between interviews with a variety of industry experts. Only the first two episodes included Brock Pierce, Alex Mashinsky, Charles Hoskinson and Perianne Boring, the founder of the Digital Chamber of Commerce.

This serves both as a useful introduction to cryptocurrency for those who need it as well as a Commentary on the effects of the regulatory drama this dragon chain goes through.

Spectators don’t just learn about it greater advantages of decentralized systems about centralized but also like confusion about Regulation of digital assets It not only hinders Dragonchain, but the entire blockchain ecosystem of the United States.

The combination of the elements fits well

I personally found that Combination of elements as an absolute winner.

Even if I don’t like reality shows, the inclusion of the human aspect made the show really convincing. Also raised the series on more than just a dry documentary about cryptocurrency.

Balance, at least in the first two episodesAmong the cryptos available to beginners are the commentary on the currently uncertain state of the U.S. regulation and the human drama in which Dragonchain is fighting for its own survival. it worked very well.

I look forward to the progress of the series and strongly recommend trying it out. Every Saturday at 10 a.m., new episodes are broadcast on Discovery Science. and in streaming services. Visit the program website for more information on viewing.

There is also a “demonstrably fair” Dragonchain-based competition with a $ 50,000 viewer award if you need a little more conviction.

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