REVIEW GAME #1: CryptoKitties – Virtual Cat | Launched on Ethereum

Basically, CryptoKitties is a Tamagotchi-like game, developed as a dash application, launched on Ethereum. Each digital cat represents a single secret property and ownership of it can not be altered, as it is integrated into Blockchain Ethereum immutability.

The high virtualcats

According to Kitty Sales, the rarest virtualcats on the CryptoKitties platformsell for $ 100,000 each, with the most expensive being $ 120,000.

REVIEW GAME #1:  CryptoKitties – Virtual Cat | Launched on Ethereum
REVIEW GAME #1: CryptoKitties – Virtual Cat | Launched on Ethereum

Not just virtualcats, but more

Using the same mechanism and technology that CryptoKitties are using, a digital asset can be exchanged seamlessly across a hierarchicalplatform. If the CryptoKitties platform is considered a peer-to-peer (peer-to-peer) digital assetexchange, actually using technology has made the game more attractive than just a simple collectible game.

In the long run, investors and traders will be able to tradedigital assets using distributed applications on Ethereum.They will no longer have to rely on centralized platforms that are vulnerable to a variety of threats and are equipped with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies.

Furthermore, Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencymarket have proven the value concept as we do or think wrong. Value is really subjective and in essence, no property or currency in the global market is a real valueworth.

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According to, the value of CryptoKitties-based virtualcats is scarce and rare, just like any other cryptocurrency on the market with a fixed supply of currency. Ultimately, CryptoKitties has demonstrated the continued commercial viability of digital assets, which can be realized on a larger scale in large industries such as finance.

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