Retune VCRs

Potential interference with VCRs

Why are some new television servicescausing interference to TV reception through Video Cassette Recorders(VCRs)?

Many external antennas aredirectly connected to the VCR’s RF (RadioFrequency) input socket and then the VCR is connected to the television set via it’s RFinput socket. The RFinput socket on the television is where theantenna would otherwise be directly connected.

Retune VCRs
Retune VCRs

Alarge number of these VCRs have the output channel for RF connection tuned to occupy eitherof UHFchannels 36, 37 or38.

In some areas of Australia, UHF channels 36, 37 38 have been recently planned by the AustralianBroadcasting Authority (ABA) for new television and datacasting services.

Where and when are these newservices likely to commence?

The likelytimetable for new services using these channels is as follows:

Some of these channels may be used for testing purposesearlier than these dates.

Will everyone experienceinterference to TV reception through VCRs?

No. All of the following circumstances would need toapply before television services could possibly cause interference to yourtelevision reception through your VCR:

  1. You live in one of the above areas
  2. Your VCR is not connected to your TV set via the direct Audio-Video (AV) connections rather only to the antenna lead (RF connection)
  3. Your VCR’s output channel is the same channel (or adjacent channel) being used for new television services in your area

What can I do if there isinterference to TV reception through my VCR?

The best solution is to connect your VCR via the directAudio-Video (AV) connections to the television set.

This has the added advantage of giving clearer pictures andsound when viewing the VCR. Remember you have to select the AV position onthe TV set to do this.

If your VCR or TV do not have AV sockets (as is the casefor some older equipment) then you may need to retune your VCR to an alternativechannel.

Refer to theoperating instructions provided by the manufacturer of your VCR set beforeattempting to correct the problem.

In particular follow the instructions concerning connectingthe AV cable to the sockets on your VCR to the AV sockets on your TV set. Ensure you have the correct type of cable with the correct connectors on eachend, as they can be different for audio and video. If correctly connected, your television reception through yourVCR viewed on the AV position of the TV should resume.

If I need to retune my VCR, whatchannel should I retune to?

The VCR output channel must be adjusted to an unused one atleast two channels higher or lower than the new television service to avoidinterference. You should select this channel so it is also two channelsclear from any other active service in your area.

Which channels are available will depend on where you live.

Forexample, the mostsuitable output channel for VCRs in Gippsland,Bendigo and Ballarat is either Channel 68 or 69.

InBrisbane, there are a number of options. Click on the link to ConsumerGuide for Brisbane Area Viewers.

Inother areas, the ABA will be providing information shortly on the mostappropriate channel.

Where will I be able to getinformation on available channels for retuning VCRs in other areas?

Closerto commencement date of services in those areas, both DBA will provide the most appropriate VCR output channel for RFconnection on this web site and to its retailer members.

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