Republican Youngkin would be the new governor of Virginia in the United States

Republican Glenn Youngkin emerged as the candidate with the most votes in the election for governor of the state of Virginia, appealing to Democrat Terry McAuliffe to keep his party’s office.

With 98 percent of the votes counted, Youngkin received 50.9 percent of the vote, while McAuliffe achieved 48.4 percent in very close elections, but according to US media such as CNN or NBC predict the Republican as the winner.

Republican Youngkin would be the new governor of Virginia in the United States
Republican Youngkin would be the new governor of Virginia in the United States

Although the electoral trend in recent years has been in favor of the Democrats, this time Virginia picked a Republican candidate at a time when support for US President Joe Biden has not yet peaked convince voters by calling his campaign on proposals for Focused on education and business.

Youngkin has already declared his victory in the state gubernatorial race and announced the beginning of a “transformation”. “We must not waste time. Our children cannot wait (…) We will restore excellence in our schools,” he added, ensuring that parents’ decisions are “embraced” in schools – a message against his rival, who suggested that families shouldn’t tell schools what to teach, according to CNN.

“Friends, it doesn’t all count and we are still waiting for a lot of voices. And we want to make sure that the voice of all Virginians is heard (…). We know that Virginia’s long-term path is towards inclusion, openness and tolerance . We can and will never stop fighting for the values ​​we believe in, “said McAuliffe on his Twitter profile.

The results thus highlight a surprising collapse of McAuliffe, the former governor and leader of the Democratic Party who led the polls all summer in the state in which Biden won the 2020 presidential election by 10 percentage points ahead of former President Donald Trump.

On the other hand, the elections for the governor of New Jersey also took place this Tuesday, which was a very close result with 84 percent of the vote and at the moment 49.6 percent of the support for both candidates, the Democrat Phil Murphy, current governor and Republican Jack Ciattarelli.

In a press conference before the first results became known, Biden confessed that the Democrats would take over Virginia and New Jersey again, but admitted that the elections would be “close” and referred to reducing the turnout.

He also ruled out that a possible defeat had anything to do with his management, stating that he saw “no evidence” of “doing it right or wrong”. “Whether or not I approved my agenda, it will not have any real impact on victory or defeat (the elections),” he said.


Former President Donald Trump was delighted to hear the first results and said that “Terry McAuliffe’s campaign with a certain person named ‘Trump’ was very helpful to Youngkin,” reports the US media to The Hill.

“All McAuliffe did was talk about Trump, Trump, Trump and he lost! (…) I didn’t even have to go to a rally for Youngkin because McAuliffe did it for me. Thanks to them MAGA voters that they are great! “Said.

Although Trump backed Youngkin in the gubernatorial race, Trump never traveled to Virginia to join the candidate, as did Biden with his candidate, who campaigned the Republican candidate with the former president on numerous occasions.

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