Reports would indicate that the end of iOS (at least in the name) is approaching

The company is expected to announce the new name of the iPhone operating system at WWDC 2020.

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Reports would indicate that the end of iOS (at least in the name) is approaching
Reports would indicate that the end of iOS (at least in the name) is approaching

Look for tech fans here! If you have one iPad You have probably noticed that the software it works with is no longer a classic iOS and now it says iPadOS. This change was announced at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) last year and was specifically designed to make the most of it.

Following this line, the same was done with the other Apple devices, with the exception of the iPod and iPhone, which continue to work with iOS to this day.

Although there is no official explanation so far, there is a rumor that the next software update, at least for mobile phones, is now being called iPhoneOS.

This suspicion was raised after Jon Prosser, a renowned analyst for disclosure of detailed information about the launch of various products, posted the name of the alleged new software on his Twitter account. In addition, Max Weinbach, also a filter, supported him with another tweet, in which he affirmed that he had received an anonymous email, in which it was also announced that the iPhone was now given the name Apple Phone.

Image: Via Twitter

If the filter’s speculations are correct, the next iOS 14 will be replaced by this new operating system. We won’t be assured of anything until WWDC 2020, which starts next Monday, June 22.

This is not a radical change if we take into account the background as the first iPhone with the iPhoneOS software was released in 2007. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that Steve Jobs himself announced the move to iOS along with the launch of the fourth generation of this device.

As mentioned by Jobs, the decision to simplify the operating system name on iOS is based on the fact that all Apple devices would work on the same system. A name was therefore needed that could be representative of the brand in general and not of a single product.

On the other hand, there is still no information on what will happen to the iPod operating system, the same device that Apple has not excluded from its product catalog.

Prosser has also published information about the presentation of the AirPower, a wireless charger, the launch of which was canceled in 2017 due to some defects in the prototype.

Image: Via Twitter

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