Reopening shops and subway stations in Hong Kong after a new wave of protests

HONG KONG, Sep 16 (Reuters / EP) –

Hong Kong's shops and subway stations have reopened on Monday morning after a new wave of protests that has unleashed chaos in the special Chinese administrative region over the weekend.

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in a clear challenge to the prohibition of the authorities to support the protests convened in the 15th week of mobilizations.

Reopening shops and subway stations in Hong Kong after a new wave of protests
Reopening shops and subway stations in Hong Kong after a new wave of protests

Those of this Sunday have been marked by a concentration in which protesters have sung the 'God save the Queen' ('God Save The Queen') and have waved United Kingdom flags in front of the British consulate to demand that the former colonial power guarantees the fulfillment, on the part of China, of its commitments with the freedoms of the city.

Protesters have had to face water cannons, tear gas and rubber balls thrown by Hong Kong Police on Sunday while trying to block roads and throw Molotov cocktails in front of the government headquarters.

Amid protests, violent groups have attacked the facilities of the Hong Kong subway network (MTR), which have remained closed. In addition, they have plucked and lit a red banner that celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1.

After hours of riots the protests have been diluted during the night despite sporadic clashes in neighborhoods such as Causeway Bay, Wan Chai or Fortress Hill. In Fortress Hill, individuals in white T-shirts, some armed with metal bars, have confronted opposition protesters.

Security forces have released a statement Monday in which they “condemn” what began as a peaceful protest and has left spirals of violence in various parts of Hong Kong, especially in tourist and commercial districts.

The territory ruled by China has been shaken in recent weeks by a series of protests in favor of democracy seen as independentistas by Beijing. Hong Kong returned under Chinese sovereignty in 1997 thanks to an agreement with the United Kingdom whereby China pledged to maintain the regime of rights and freedoms enjoyed by the territory during colonial rule, which resulted in the beginning of “a country , two systems. ”

According to health authorities, at least 18 people were injured on Sunday, three of them seriously. Nearly 1,400 people have been arrested since the demonstrations began last June.

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