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Renzi announces that he leaves the PD to form a new party but guarantees his support for the Government

September 17, 2019


The former leader of the Democratic Party Matteo Renzi has announced on Tuesday that he will leave his training to set up a new political group, in which about 30 deputies from the Italian lower house will be integrated and from which he will continue to support the government led by the prime minister , Guiseppe Conte.

“What leads me to abandon is the lack of a vision about the future,” said the former Italian Prime Minister, in an interview with the newspaper 'La Repubblica'. The former head of the Italian Government has said he has the support of “more or less” a “thirty” parliamentarians and plans to make a battery of proposals with his new political background.

Renzi has stressed that he will continue to support the new Government led by Conte, made up of the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement, and has said that now his goal will be to ideologically combat the leader of the ultra-right-wing League Party, former Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. “I want to spend the next few months fighting Salvini.”

The former leader of the Democratic Party has advanced that the “autonomous groups” he will lead “will be born this week” and will “for the good of all.” In this regard, he said that the current leader of the Democratic Party, Nicola Zingaretti, will not be able to complain about them because they will continue to give their support to the Italian Government.

Renzi has also explained his decision in a message posted on his Facebook social network page. “I have decided to leave the PD and build a new house together to do politics differently,” he said. “After seven years of friendly fire, I think we have to realize our values, our ideas, our dreams cannot be the object of internal struggles every day,” he added.

Renzi has stressed that the “victory” achieved in Parliament with the change of government to evict Matteo Salvini and the ministers of the ultra-right-wing League party “has been important to save Italy but it is not enough.

“Now it is about building a young, innovative, feminist project, where ideas and proposals are launched for Italy and for our Europe,” he said. “The policy requires ideas and proposals,” concluded the former leader of the PD.