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Renault is developing a blockchain project to certify vehicle conformity

September 11, 2020

The Renault Group has developed a blockchain project called XCEED (eXtended Compliance End to End Distributed), the aim of which is to certify the conformity of vehicle components from design to production. This was reported by Cibersur on September 10th.

“This tool was developed and implemented with the major players in the automotive industry and allows us to be more reactive and efficient in an increasingly demanding regulatory context. The new regulation on market surveillance, which came into force on September 1st, implies a multiplication of regulatory controls for vehicles already on the market. Therefore, the entire production chain has to adapt its structure in order to be able to react to the authorities in a short time, ”they emphasized in the article.

The XCEED project is based on Hyperledger Fabric and was developed in collaboration with the IBM company.

Renault is developing a blockchain project to certify vehicle conformityRenault is developing a blockchain project to certify vehicle conformity

The initiative aims to track and certify compliance with legal regulations for vehicle components and sub-components.

“Blockchain technology enables information to be exchanged and tracked between different actors and is a pillar of competitiveness and operational excellence in the automotive industry. It allows for greater reactivity in exchanges, with data available in real time and greater efficiency in a network that is no longer centralized but distributed, ”they explained.

In the case of XCEED, the implementation of the blockchain aims to create a network of trust between device manufacturers and automobile manufacturers. This should exchange information on compliance.

“The decentralized nature of blockchain technology enables each party to maintain control and confidentiality of their data without interference, while at the same time improving security and confidentiality. The management of security and confidentiality that blockchain technology offers has brought the automotive ecosystem together around this unique initiative.”, Featured by Cibersur.

Then they said that XCEED was introduced in 2019 and is the result of a cross-company collaboration between partners from the automotive industry (Continental, Faurecia, Plastic Omnium and Saint-Gobain). Collective intelligence and adapting the agile methodology also helped.

“The test carried out at the Douai plant has allowed us to consolidate the value and performance of blockchain technology for the automotive industry, with more than a million documents archived and a speed of 500 transactions per second,” they said.

Odile Panciatici, CEO Blockchain of Renault Group, commented:

“The XCEED project we started is an example of the Renault Group’s ability to innovate. We are convinced that blockchain is a vector for the transformation of the automotive industry. Blockchain technology is preserved in a large ecosystem in which it is involved In the automotive industry, where we interact with several actors outside the company, our suppliers, our customers, independent dealers, etc., the uses of such technologies are diverse. “

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