Remembering is living! The 13 best jingles of our childhood

A list with the best advertising songs that have remained engraved in the mind of the Mexican consumer.

A jingle is a song or melody of short duration (from 5 to 60 seconds) and easy to remember, that seeks to promote a product or service, generally, referring to its attributes or to some emotional bond with the consumer.

Many advertisements, especially those made on radio and television, have this element that helps create unique campaigns that remain engraved in the minds of those who listen to them, improving the brand's positioning in the market. This strategy is known as auditory branding .

Remembering is living! The 13 best jingles of our childhood
Remembering is living! The 13 best jingles of our childhood

The effectiveness of jingles resides in that, being musical compositions, they are more persuasive than a simple text and generate less rejection in the audience that receives it. Although today this technique is used less and less, there are songs that, although some are no longer broadcast, people remember and continue to sing. For this reason, we made a list of the best jingles that today are part of the memory of Mexicans:


This brand of tablets to eliminate amoebae and bugs, became famous thanks to its jingle, which surely everyone ever sang. A true achievement of advertising to remember a product as generic and as difficult to position as those in the pharmaceutical sector.

“If you feel that your tail is itchy, in one of those, you have worms. If you feel your tail itch, drink Vermox. ”


This multi-purpose cleaner has become one of the darlings of the home, in part because no one forgets its tune. In fact, this famous jingle helped the brand to make another form of promotion: the “Sing and win with Pinol” contest where people, from the original version, created their own song and uploaded it to YouTube.

“Pinol, Pinol, aromatize, clean and disinfect uhhh!”


Without a doubt, the short melody of this sweet spread is one of the jingles that we will never forget, especially because it creates an emotional bond with the brand:


This anti-flu medicine, despite having been on the market for more than 40 years, managed to differentiate itself from the others with a simple melody that they include in all their advertising spots and that also works as their slogan.

“With XL-3 goodbye to the flu in a 2 x 3.”

Of the Fort

This brand, which is currently part of Grupo Herdez, started as a leader in tomato products. Hence the famous jingle that has endured for years.

“The tomatoes were very happy, when the executioner arrived to make them juice. I don't care about death if I die with decorum in Del Fuerte products .

Toys My Joy

This toy company, created in 1956, has found itself in the consumer's mind and has been part of the memory of the Mexican thanks to its jingle. Although it had an extended version, this was the most popular:

“With Mi Alegría toys, we learn and play.”


This multipurpose cleaner is a good example of auditory branding. He has not only relied on his jingle, but also on his slogan to place himself in the top of mind. If you think about the cleaner, you probably won't remember its packaging, but the song does:

Alka seltzer

Advertising for this antacid has always been so effective that the brand is the benchmark for stomach relief. His jingle used in the 90s was the adaptation of a famous opera, whose song ends with the phrase:

“Alka Seltzer you must take, for stomach upset, he wants you well, he wants you well, take Alka Seltzer because he does want you well.”


The largest bakery company in the world has positioned itself as an inseparable companion of Mexicans, with its effective emotional marketing campaigns where the bear is the protagonist. But this jingle is not far behind:

“This is my country, this is my people. Good people who work, who dream, who reach and who look straight ahead ”.


This company, which is undoubtedly one of the most valuable worldwide, has always accompanied its ads with music. He has used famous songs, Christmas carols and even artists like Motel and Natalia Lafourcade for his latest campaign “Wake up the magic”. However, always the most memorable will be the simple one:

“Always Coca-Cola”.

Mayonnaise McCormick

This jingle became popular in the 70s in Mexico to make this American brand become indispensable in Mexican homes thanks to the slogan “Put it tasty.” It is so popular in the national ideology that the episode of Ventaneando where the presenter Pedro Sola confused the brand Hellmann's with the brand of the red cover has become infamous.

Tutsi Pop

The candy brand launched a special commercial for the end of the year promoting its December packaging in the shape of a Christmas boot “Tutsibota”. With the letter “Boot, boot and it's not ball”, the famous package of sweets always refers to those rest seasons when we were children.


The soap brand launched this jingle with an iconic commercial that demonstrated the cleanability of their bar with a pair of vintage lenses. All of us have ever said the phrase “Zest, it brings you back to life because it does clean and refresh.”

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