Remedios Mágicos, the retail company that falls in love with Mexican ingenuity

The articles contain messages and designs that exploit the national culture.

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Mexico is a country full of culture, traditions and history. Only last year, Mexico City was designated as the World Capital of Design, a fact that places it as the first metropolis in Latin America to have this award.

Remedios Mágicos, the retail company that falls in love with Mexican ingenuity
Remedios Mágicos, the retail company that falls in love with Mexican ingenuity

An example of this is the Magic Remedies company , which employs design as a primary part in the generation of unique models in its products, which include sweets, shirts, wells, glasses, gift boxes, among others. The articles contain messages and designs that exploit Mexican culture.

“All our products celebrate Mexican culture and design, we have the need to capture the national ingenuity that has made us unique and makes the world hallucinate. Our mission is to connect people with their emotions and transmit good vibes through creative products that help us transmit values ​​and link us with our identity and potential creator that we Mexicans have to help improve our country, “says María Guadalupe Gómez Sánchez, general director of the firm.

The firm also undertook a business line dedicated to the generation of illustration and cobranding for other products, such as the Bonafont bottled water brand, which implemented new labels in its flavor water line; or the Agave Macho mezcal firm, to which they designed the image for three different types of drinks, as well as the design for EURO TE kits. He also joined the German company Ravensburger, to translate one of his designs into the collection of puzzles for adults that will represent Mexico abroad, as well as the collaboration with ¡Ay Güey!

María Guadalupe Gómez Sánchez, General Director of Magic Remedies / Image: Courtesy Magic Remedies

For the founder of Remedios Mágicos, it is important that brands invest in their image if they want to impact the lives of their users, since she considers that the identity of the Mexican must be embodied in the products that she creates and consumes, leaving aside the tendency to discredit the national and give more value to foreign products or services.

We are a country that cannot be talked about in the same way that Europeans, Americans or Japanese are spoken of; Nor can we continue to claim that products that work in other countries will have the same results in Mexico. It is very important to talk more closely to your niche market, be interested in what they need and see how you can contribute in their lives, ”says Gómez Sánchez.

The company points out that Mexican design is admired in many countries for its ability to connect with emotions and empathize with situations. Besides that it is a growth sector in the country. In fact, during the last 10 years, the creative industries market contributed 7% of GDP in Mexico. In addition, the industry continues to rise with a projected annual growth of 4%, according to data from the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO).

Remedios Mágicos began operations in December 2008 in Mexico City. Its disruptive product line is classified as one of the few companies that uses the combination of humor and design to market items. The firm plans to take its products to the United States, Europe and Latin America, in order to become a benchmark of Mexican design and culture internationally.

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