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Release dates for the new EA Sports game

June 19, 2020

The most popular soccer video game in the gamer community already has an expected date for 2020

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Release dates for the new EA Sports game
Release dates for the new EA Sports game

The sports video game company EA Sports, which is responsible for the delivery of titles such as Madden NFL, EA Sports UFC and NBA Live (to name just a few) announced the new edition of the FIFA, its most popular production.

FIFA 21 will be available on October 6th for those who have reserved the special “Champions” and “Ultimate” editions. The standard version will arrive on the 9th of the same month. Users who purchased the EA Access Pass will have access to the video game starting October 2nd.

This new edition of FIFA will be compatible with Xbox One, Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. We remind you that Sony and Microsoft plan to launch their new next-generation consoles for sale later this year: the Xbox Series X and Play Station 5, so FIFA 21 will also be included in the catalog of these new game consoles.

The price of the standard version (on current consoles) costs approximately between $ 50 and $ 60. On the other hand, the special editions have an estimated value of 70 to 90 dls.

Electronic Arts brought some exclusive insights into the next edition of FIFA and a trailer for the video game to light through their social networks.

Ignite (developed by EA Sports) will be the video game engine designed to bring FIFA 21 to life.