Relax yourself! We’ll give you the techniques to achieve this in your office and at home

There are times when all you need to do is take a break to reset. Hence the proposal of the ANAED Foundation and their health vacation. It’s about a week in a country house on the beach in Spain with a capacity for 22 people, all-inclusive accommodation, alternative menus for diabetics and vegans, and recreation rooms. During their stay, guests learn progressive relaxation techniques, problem solving, coping strategies, communication skills, and social interaction.

They are supported by mental health specialists, psychologists, and medical psychiatrists who use individual and group therapies. They also receive workshops on healthy eating, yoga, relaxation, and meditation, and can hike, swim, and ride horses to enjoy the surroundings. At the end, the participants receive a report from all experts in which their general condition is assessed from all aspects.

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