Regenerate land with nanotechnology? This Mexican entrepreneur does it

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Regenerate land with nanotechnology? This Mexican entrepreneur does it
Regenerate land with nanotechnology? This Mexican entrepreneur does it

With 15 years Horacio Gallegos He worked in the family business and put together plastic parts for bicycles. However, when Chinese goods arrived at unfair prices, he and his family got into the advertising business.

In 2008, they were pioneers in the circulation of trucks with mobile billboards to advertise products or services on LED and multimedia screens. His clients were Walmart, Banamex, Disney and the government.

The business continues to function, but in the past 10 years, Horacio has fully studied the development of the field. Today tops Kol Mexico, a company with which it develops products to regenerate the land and to have plants free of pesticides.

Although this entrepreneur is a business administrator and not an agronomist, he has achieved results with tenacity, patience and many hours of research. The test is that it has already received the international patent for its product called Bioagrum, a bioregenerator that naturally provides the soil with nutrients.

Bioagrum is owned by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and by the Mexican Industrial Property Institute (IMPI). It is also validated by the Hidalgo Secretariat for Agricultural Development, the International Center for the Improvement of Corn and Wheat (CIMMyT) and MasAgro, a program for the sustainable modernization of agriculture.

Horacio Gallegos, CEO of KOL México. Photo: Isaac Alcalá Nácar

“I traveled through the (Mexican) Republic alongside the United States and Europe to find out about the technologies used in this field until one day I was prepared to grant the patent with a wealth of information and almost six years of evidence write.” says Horacio, who has not waived hiring TMI Abogados and Integral Administrative Services to work on the business model.

Regarding the relevance of Kol, Gerardo Herrera, sustainability specialist at the University for the Environment, explains that companies like this are more than a sustainable project. “Kol not only regenerates the soil, which is degraded and contaminated, but also restores the social fabric, the family around work. Its innovation is that it quickly achieves the fertility of the field and the yield of the harvest. The process is the key to promoting a result, ”he explains.

A powerful formula

Bioagrum is a formula made up of 95 biocomponents. His main distinguishing feature and for which they have received the world patent is that his products are 100% natural. “It works because we use biotechnology and nanotechnology. We are the first to target technologies that restore the country by force, improve the quality of the harvest, and increase production,” said Kol México’s CEO.

The biggest challenge? Convince the producers that this technology works and try it out. However, the demand for information is high as farmers want to know how to recover their land, how to counter pests and how to use better farming practices.

Kol has affected almost 500 hectares in almost six years. Now they are in the process of getting their registration with the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) to get technology that they can export, and they will work with Deloitte for an international foray.

Horacio has always asked for expert help. For this reason, it was incubated and then accelerated. It is recommended that you use the tools that grow your business. “You will save years of work, money and frustration.”

At the moment the sale was one by one. Since one manufacturer has validated Bioagrum, they are looking for another. The product has not yet been registered by Cofepris and it is not possible to sell it in a company as this is not permitted by law.

Go far

Kol means “field” in Maya. The company started with a product in 2015 and now has a 10-line for soil preparation, pest control and prevention, fertilization and nutritional improvement. Most agronomists like to invest 2,500 pesos a year in these areas, but the higher the investment, the higher the harvest.

One of the lessons that Horacio learned and saw as the key to his growth was defining his cost structure from day one. “You often think it’s a good deal, but there are many expenses that you don’t consider. Make a budget and don’t assume that your project will really grow. If you do this, you will be calm and able to concentrate on other important things, ”he explains.

Kol’s annual turnover was 310,000 pesos in the first year and 2 million pesos in 2019. “We had an interesting progress, but we are not at all satisfied. Now that we already have the patent and were able to start the process before Cofepris, we want to go more into the market. “

Horacio assures them that their range is extensive and that they do not need any pesticides to have high quality plants with high nutritional value. “The yield for different types of plants is between 30% and 100% more production.”

He has had discussions with people from Colombia, Ecuador, Portugal, Peru and Spain who are interested in selling his product. “We are creating strategic alliances for expansion and making this technology widely known.”

This entrepreneur is currently aiming for a minimum investment of 3 million pesos to complete the creation of health records and some international certifications. It is also working on a new revision of its technology.

What you dreamed of a decade ago is now a reality. I wanted everyone to eat better and this dream is already starting to come true today. For Horacio there is nothing that we Mexicans cannot achieve. “Of course it takes time to start and mature a company, but passion is entrepreneurial gasoline

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