Reddit users celebrate GameStop hiring a team of NFT experts

GameStop is assembling a team of blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) experts to work on the company’s upcoming NFT platform.

The company’s GME stock is a cult favorite with retailers due to the r / Wallstreetbets and Robinhood sagas earlier this year. On Reddit, the r / Superstonk community has 659,000 members and is dedicated to hosting GME-related trade and stock discussions.

A post about GameStop vacancies on Tuesday received more than 10,000 positive votes at the time of this writing, with many members posting optimism about GameStop’s latest move.

Reddit users celebrate GameStop hiring a team of NFT experts
Reddit users celebrate GameStop hiring a team of NFT experts

GameStop tacitly launched a basic website for its NFT market in May.The site currently features a Nintendo Gameboy-style game console with an Ethereum logo, as well as a message encouraging recruits to work on the platform.

Since then, the company has kept its cards up its sleeve.However, on Monday, he listed a total of eight positions for candidates with experience in cryptocurrencies, including three positions for software engineers with NFT experience, three positions for product marketer and two positions focused on game-based games. ?? in the web 3.0.

One of the posts for the position of Web 3.0 Gaming Job Manager says GameStop is looking for someone with experience in “Ethereum, NFT and blockchain-based gaming platforms”.The company has also indicated that some Metaverse-related plans are in the works.

– GameStop is looking for a unique person who can help accelerate the future of gaming and trading. In this future, games are the right places and the things that you bring with you will fuel the game. Future developers will not only create games, but also components, characters and teams. Blockchains will power the underlying trade, “Â says the post.

Members of the r / Superstonk community raved about the company on Tuesday, yu / Triaspia2 calling it one of the “best job offers” they had ever seen when they pledged to invest more in GME as it was a “bullish” ” may be.

The Redditor u / Donnybiceps was equally upbeat, noting:

“NFTs are the future and people who haven’t jumped on the GME bandwagon and know all of these clues should blame themselves for not thinking about it.”

GME was volatile in October, falling to $ 166 before rebounding to around $ 187 and then collapsing again.However, according to TradingView data, GME’s price is still up 2.8% this month, at 178 at the time of writing. GME’s annual profit to date is a whopping 844% percentage.

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