Rebelo de Sousa has set early elections for January 30th after the budget failure

Portuguese President Marcelo de Rebelo de Sousa put the likely appointment of the Portuguese at the polls this Thursday for January 30, 2022 after the socialist government of Prime Minister António Costa failed to implement the budget law for next year last week .

“I listened to all the parties and the State Council. I analyzed the economic and social situation. I thought about the economic and financial situation. However, I have decided to dissolve the meeting and call elections for January 30th. ”This was announced by the Portuguese President in a speech to the nation.

On Wednesday, the State Council approved a majority of Rebelo de Sousa’s proposal for early elections, with the exception of votes against representatives of the left bloc and the Communist Party – the forces that Costa failed to convince to approve the budget meeting, which lasted five hours .

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