Real leaders demonstrate these 5 traits in their body language

A gesture or a look can change the meaning of your words (for better or for worse). Practice these exercises to be the best leader of your company.

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Real leaders demonstrate these 5 traits in their body language
Real leaders demonstrate these 5 traits in their body language

There is no denying that our body language is important, especially when it comes to business. This allows you to draw a person’s attention without saying a single word, or to be ignored if you are unaware of the unconscious messages your body sends. Here are five practical tips to help you fine-tune this transmitter system to communicate exactly what you think.

1. Live big

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This is preparation for everything we do. So always stand in full height. Ask yourself what it would be like to personalize the size. When you do this, the first thing you notice is that the body is breathing in, your main muscles are moving up, and your chest is expanding. It’s not just about standing up or being attentive. This is a presentation and in the end we are tense. It is not just a physical posture, but a state of mind. In other words: live with size, don’t just imagine your size. When you walk down the hall, in a conference call, or in meetings (formal and informal), you determine who you are and not just what you do.

2. Release the tension

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Relax the tension of the tongue, jaw, neck and shoulders in front of a mirror, put the tip of two fingers in your mouth, under the tongue and let go of it carefully. Your tongue will look relaxed, not concave or convex, just limp (the feeling of drooling). Place your other hand directly under the line of your lips, form a V between your thumb and index finger and gently pull your jaw down (one to two and a half centimeters). As you watch yourself, you will most likely see your tongue retract, your head sag, and your neck and shoulders tense. If you carry out this exercise consistently, you will not only feel more relaxed and confident, but also convey this image.

3. Keep eye contact

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Like your voice, your eyes express everything. Eye contact connects us literally and figuratively with others. It’s a crucial technique that helps you break unconscious behaviors that send the wrong signals to your audience. For example: fear, insecurity and not trustworthy. When you make eye contact, your voice also changes. You will notice a higher tone, an improved resonance and an improved vocal energy. This is important in order to embody integrity, self-confidence and authority.

4. Make gestures on purpose

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Gestures effectively help you tell the story or distract attention from what you are saying. In every presentation, all gestures must be intentional and not random, unconscious, and much less repetitive. It is also important how you stand in front of your audience. Again: practice in front of the mirror. Put your hands in front of you, just below the belt line, shake each other and see how you look. Use this posture for this next exercise, but this time, fold your fingers. Notice how you instantly appear more focused and grounded. Note: This small adjustment on the hands creates a big visual difference.

5. Think about the handshake

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Your handshake is often the first connection you make to someone. It may seem like an everyday or superficial gesture, although it is much more than that. A handshake is an equalizer that conveys sincerity and warmth. Therefore, it has to be firm, but not aggressive. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter in terms of age, gender or status. Practice shaking hands with a friend or colleague while keeping eye contact. Never in a hurry. As you improve your voice awareness, you will find that every step is used to master communication. Take your time and always practice carefully. Routine is never routine; You will learn new skills that will help you become the leader you are capable of.

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