Ready to return to Starbucks, Vips, Chili’s or The Cheesecake Factory? Alsea is preparing to return its customers

The company trained each of its employees in hygiene and hygiene safety to comply with strict protocols in each of its restaurants.

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Ready to return to Starbucks, Vips, Chili’s or The Cheesecake Factory? Alsea is preparing to return its customers
Ready to return to Starbucks, Vips, Chili’s or The Cheesecake Factory? Alsea is preparing to return its customers

Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, Vips, Burger King, Italianni´s, Chili´s, El Portón, P.F. Chang’s, The Cheesecake Factory, Corazón de Barro and La Casa del Comal They are already waiting for their customers to return to normal.

Alsea Group, Operators of these brands, You have invested more than 150,000 hours Train all employees who implement strict hygiene and health safety protocols to protect and care for their customers in renovated and disinfected rooms.

“This virus has changed our whole life. Today we can say that we are ready for a new normal, in which we must continue to take care of the ones we love most. At Alsea, we are well prepared to welcome our customers again to be called, “said Gerardo Rojas, director of Alsea México.

The company insisted that the most important thing was to take care of the health of its employees and customers. That’s why it’s implemented more than 2,260 restaurantsOf the eleven brands in Mexico, new technologies and additional hygiene and food safety practices offer the highest national and international hygiene standards in the industry.

Alsea employees and customers can rest assured that they are in safe and secure places thanks to the following measures:


  • Employees are asked not to leave their homes or report to work if they or a family member they are living with, feel sick or have symptoms of illness, to provide them with all the necessary guidance to monitor their health status.
  • Every day to each of the employees:
    • They will measure their temperature
    • You disinfect your shoes with Disinfection mats
    • They will wash their hands more often, they will wear face masks and a mask
    • They will change their street clothes for their clean uniform, and must not wear make-up, jewelry, beard, mustache or long nails
  • They were placed to keep a healthy distance Ground signs of work areas, in addition to regulating their rest periods and eating.
  • All must comply with the measures adopted by the Ministry of Health, such as: B. Coughing and sneezing, covering the mouth and nose with the forearm, do not wave, kiss and hug.

Shops and restaurants::

  • Before the industry was revived, each Alsea unit went through a comprehensive process cleaning and desinfectionthat is repeated daily.
  • All facilities have markings on their floors, social distance of 1.5 meters through visual aids for easy identification of customers. The same will happen to that Seating order at table in every facility.

In institutions where this applies:


  • Customers should disinfect their hands with this antibacterial gel to find at special stations.
  • The menus can be downloaded digitally via a QR code.
  • The Play areas are deactivated and they will only be put into operation when the authorities indicate so.
  • If customers cannot visit restaurants, they can order at home from the website of your favorite restaurant to continue enjoying your favorite dishes.
    • You can also order via phone in your nearest store and pick up your groceries or at your preferred home delivery application.
    • All foods are cooked using the same cooking methods. Hygiene, safety and affection always.

Each of these measures is monitored daily by the manager of each store and recorded in a digital self-assessment platform.

The company stated that it will continue to follow the instructions of the authorities and will fully comply with its health recommendations and reactivation decisions.

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