Ransomware and cryptojacking cases are increasing in Mexico

Mexican users of public cloud networks report an increase in cryptojacking and ransomware attacks in recent months.

According to The Economist Almost three quarters of Mexican companies that use cloud networks, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, Report security incidents that lead to negative perceptions of citizens. Less than a third of the locals fully trust the security of cloud networks.

Ransomware attacks

Vulnerabilities allow threat actors to perform other crypto-related attacks like ransomware attacks, including a recent case where an oil company, Pemex, was attacked by the DoppelPaymer gang.

Ransomware and cryptojacking cases are increasing in Mexico
Ransomware and cryptojacking cases are increasing in Mexico

The report says that Mexican companies have reported cases where unknown cybercriminals are using their cloud computing resources to mine cryptocurrencies known as “cryptojacking”.. However, no further details were given about which cryptocurrencies are mined.

Alain Karioty, director general for sales in Latin America of cyber security company Netskope, said this to El Economista These attacks are due to the lack of knowledge of companies about security measures for cloud computing..

Leonardo Granda, technical director at Sophos in Latin America, commented on security vulnerabilities in the public network that could result in data loss:

“This data loss is often the result of poorly configured public access to shared cloud storage and the fact that data sources remain open to cyberattacks to search for them using tools such as the specialized search engine Shodan.”

Cybercriminals target Latin American countries

Another study published by the Colombian National Police on May 28 shows this Ransomware attacks are a growing trend across the country.

The report states that 30% of all ransomware attacks in Latin America targeted Colombiawhere the actors of the threat turned to public bodies.

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