Raab says reports of Johnson’s controversial home renovation are “gossip”

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said Sunday that the information about the controversial reform of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s apartment reform was “gossip” after the electoral commission opened an investigation into the financing of the housing reform.

“I can’t comment on every little gossip that comes out in the newspapers,” said Raab. In statements to Sky News, he has also assured that the “Prime Minister” will be “fully” committed to the ongoing investigation to find out who originally paid for the work on 11 Downing Street.

Scottish Conservative Party chairman Douglas Ross warned during the day that Johnson must resign if he has committed a violation. “People expect the highest standards from those in the highest office,” he said on the BBC.

Raab says reports of Johnson’s controversial home renovation are “gossip”
Raab says reports of Johnson’s controversial home renovation are “gossip”

Johnson reiterated Thursday that the reform was “nothing to see or fear” and assured that he would be working on the investigation.

The UK Electoral Commission, an independent agency that controls the funding of political parties, among other things, believes the Conservative Party may have broken the law as it was reported that the reform costs could have been paid for originally through donations. They believe there are “sufficient” reasons to “suspect that a violation or violations have occurred”.

The British “Prime Minister” has come under increasing pressure to explain how the reforms have been paid for after his former chief adviser Dominic Cummings pointed out an alleged scheme that donors should pay them “in secret”.

While there are no regulations banning receiving donations, UK politicians have to publicly declare them so the public can know who gave them money and see if donors can influence their decisions.

Johnson has reiterated that he “personally” handled the cost of the renovation but failed to disclose who paid the original bill.

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