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Putin urges “liberating” Syria from “foreign military presence”

October 12, 2019


The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has affirmed that “the territory of Syria must be freed from the foreign military presence” with the objective of guaranteeing territorial integrity, although it has justified the Russian deployment, indicating that it has the approval of the regime of Bashar al Assad. ”

“All those who are in the territory of any country, in this case of Syria, illegally, must leave that territory, that refers to any State,” Putin wielded in an interview with several television networks collected by the agency of Russian news Sputnik.

Putin urges “liberating” Syria from “foreign military presence”
Putin urges “liberating” Syria from “foreign military presence”

Putin has assured that Russian troops will leave Syria if the Al Assad Government, which Moscow considers legitimate, no longer needs their presence, something that neither party has suggested for now.

The president has asserted that Russia talks to Turkey and Iran about the foreign military presence in Syria, while also treating him “repeatedly” with the United States.

Putin has also taken advantage of the interview to justify the Iranian movements in the region, since he considers that “a country of the same length as Iran”, with a history that goes back “thousands of years” ago, “cannot count on its own interests”.