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Putin proposed to NATO a moratorium on the deployment of missiles in Europe, according to ‘Kommersant’

September 25, 2019


The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has proposed to NATO a moratorium on the deployment of missiles in Europe that affects both sides, but the allies showed no “interest”, as revealed on Wednesday the Russian newspaper 'Kommersant', which cites diplomatic sources.

According to 'Kommersant', cited by the Sputnik news agency, Putin moved the proposal in a note sent last September 19 to the NATO Secretary General, and to the EU's High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini.

“Russia has already announced its intention not to deploy short and medium range missiles in Europe and other regions as long as the Americans do not. We call on the United States and its allies to assume a similar commitment, but we do not observe any interest,” Putin said.

The head of the Kremlin expressly spoke of “a NATO moratorium on the deployment of short and medium range missiles, such as the one announced by Russia,” which will have a verification mechanism.

This offer comes after the breakdown of the Intermediate Reach Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) between the United States and Russia for the unilateral withdrawal of the US power.