Putin orders “massive” anti-Covid vaccination to begin in the following week

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the government to begin “large-scale” vaccination against the coronavirus by the end of next week, starting with doctors and teachers.

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Putin orders “massive” anti-Covid vaccination to begin in the following week
Putin orders “massive” anti-Covid vaccination to begin in the following week

The Leader of Russia announced his decision to the Vice-President Minister, Tatiana Golikovawho added that they already have the potential to start vaccinating.

The finding was announced through a statement made through a videoconference at the opening of the multipurpose medical centers Ministry of Defense, where Putin indicated that they will have performed in the future an average of 2 million doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, thus a large-scale vaccination would be possible.

“I would like to ask you to organize the work so that we vaccinate on a large scale at the end of the following week,” the chairman told the deputy prime minister. Tatiana Golikova, Who will be responsible for coordinating action against the coronavirus?

Tatiana Golikova gave that as an answer There is an option to start mass vaccination in December.

The authorities have stated this Vaccines are not mandatory and are free for Russian citizens.

You are still appreciated priority populations who will primarily receive the vaccine, As already mentioned, Doctors and teachers.

“Let’s take the first step”, he claimed Putin, that he already feels “prepared” to move forward.

The government is waiting to complete all preparations for vaccinating the population within a week.

While it is stated that the risk groups would start in December, they would continue for the others in January and February.

The Centro Gamaleya, developer of Sputnik V, and the Fund for Direct Investment of Russia (FIDR), assured last week that the vaccine was a Efficiency of more than 95% and a price for the required doses of about $ 20.

Russia is the fourth country with the highest number of confirmed cases of coronavirus after the United States, India and Brazil.

Putin announced the mass vaccination order the same day his country recorded a new maximum in daily coronavirus deaths, the second, followed by 589 deaths in the final day.

25,000 345 new cases have been reported in the past few days. So creating the account from the start of the pandemic would be about 2 million 347 thousand 401 cases.

In this country, they are working on some other vaccines that are in phase 3 development such as: EpiVacCoronawhose effectiveness has not yet been published and which of the Chumakov center in clinical trials.

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